A little help please - Overseer audio files

Anyone know where on the Overseer DVD version the audio clips are - Tex's comments on things? I'm assuming in the Data folder and in the R folders perhaps but what format should I rename the files to? WAV? MP3? Some other format?
There is a file available on page 2 of the Downloads section that may be what you're looking for.
Which one are you thinking of? Overview? Doesn't seem to find the audio files for Overseer - just the midi for UAKM and TPD. But maybe if I rename a few files to midi something might jump out at me...
On Page 2 under Downloads/Audio:

Tex Murphy Overseer CD
( Overseer.zip - 77 MB ) Music Overseer Jun 12, 2012
The rare CD encoded in high quality variable bit rate LAME mp3s. 1. Trying To Try (Richie Havens) 2. Opening Credits/Tex's Nightmare 3. Upsetting A Client 4. Tex Drugs The Coffee 5. The Mansion 6. Sylvia Drunk 7. Ambush At The Cabin 8. Slow Down (Richie Havens) 9. Sonny Dies 10. "Let The Match Begin" 11. Clocktower Fight 12. Checkmate 13. Things Get "Worser" 14. Maria 15. Tex's Lament (Richie Havens) 16. Suite From The Pandora Directive
Ah, sorry it's the dialogue I'm after. Tex's comments when you examine objects and so on.

I think the answer is hidden in all the .001 .002 files and it's a case of renaming the right file to the right extension. I think I'll try with the R folders first and try the midi format (UAKM and TPD seem to have been in that format). Once I've found one or two then the real hard work begins!
Good luck with it, although I'm not sure just renaming files will be enough.
Thanks Chandler. Thankfully I have a plan B right around the corner.