Corrupt Pandora Detective ap's

Howdy guys,

Firstly its fantastic that after pulling this game out of the cupboard a few days ago, that there's still so many people playing these games!

But, after some game time of pandora directive, i realised my 5th disk was scratched, and im having errors running c31.ap and c37.ap.

Is there a chance someone could please up them somewhere so that i can fix my disk?

Any help would be greatly appreciated..
I sent you a private message, I can help you
You are a legend!

Thanks for all your help!
every time I boot up dos, it can't read my cd rom. And these problems are a real pain in the rump under windows. Besides, something ever happens to windows, I may need to use my cdrom in dos. Any help?
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your post is not really clear, are you having problems mounting your cd under dos
tex murphy is back in town
If you can't use your CD-ROM drive when running DOS it most likely is because you haven't loaded a CD-ROM driver. DOS does NOT know how to read a CD-ROM by default; it has no driver built in.
actually its only a matter of creating a command line in dos box to mount the cd
tex murphy is back in town
That's true if you're using DOSBOX. I took it to mean he's running actual DOS, because he said, "every time I boot up dos".
yes he did mention dos but the whole post does not make much sense
tex murphy is back in town