I've been searching the internet up and Down for Tex Murphy audiobooks but can't seem to find any. I'm very interested in the audiobooks that Chris Jones read. So if there's anyone here that can provide a lead to the aforementioned It would be greatly appreciated.
I heard about that, but as far as I can tell you, the only ones that I know available to purchase are those posted from Conners site:

Scroll down the opening page to find out more abou buying them. They are currently doing a buy two get one free until tomorrow, March 1st.

I think the ones narrated by Chris Jones are a kickstarter backers incentive. Someone else chime in on this, please. I was ignorant of the kickstarter originally and too damned poor to help at the time, so I'm not completely knowledgable of the going ons there.
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
Yes. The Chris Jones version of PD was Kickstarter backer only. The author narrated Tex novels can be prepurchased at