Tex Murphy Games

I have the original Tex Murphy games:
Under a Killing Moon
and The Pandora Directive.
Is there a way to play these games on my Win 7 computer?
You can play UAKM and PD by using DOSbox. However, you may want to just buy them again from GoG.com. This is because they have already done the configuration of DOSbox, which can take quite some time to get right. And the games are cheap on GoG ($9.99 each, although they do go on sale from time to time), so I think it's a good tradeoff.

Overseer cannot be played in DOS box (because it's a Windows game). It can also be bought for $9.99 (and goes on sale from time to time). Thanks for another member, gufino2, it's now possible to play the DVD version of Overseer, which is a big improvement in video quality.

BTW, you can buy the entire series (except for Tesla Effect, but including Mean Streets & Martian Chronicles) for only $24.95.
wait for a gog sale where you can pick up the old games on sale
tex murphy is back in town
They are also all on Steam now and tend to go on sale more often and Steam keys are for sale at places like Green Man Gaming and Gamersgate and they can have some of the games show up in bundles. In fact if you use Steam, I got a spare Steam key for UAKM from Groupees I can give you if you want.
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I received a free key for pandora on steam so I added to my library but found some odd things with it, the gog version is better. I think gog tweaked it abit.
tex murphy is back in town
Thank everyone, for your helpful replies. I'll look into buying the set. :)