Tex Murphy - The Original Mean Streets - The MOVIE

First - Sorry to see such little activity here ( unless I'm missing something - (( not unusual )) Of course,
due to repeated PC problems lasting well over a year I'm late for the train yet again <sigh >

Next -
I'm a huge fan of Tex since before it's beginnings (ala Access Software) and of Chris Jones' impeccable
portrayal of the character. - I was hoping to find a contact here so that I could write and thank him, and make a few suggestions. I believe that this serious yet comical dry witted PI in the quite fantastic
yet realistic story of the original Mean Streets could easily be a silver screen hit leaving an open door to multiple sequels. - Provided of course that Chris Jones had the lead - and some control over production. However, I also would hate to take his attention away from current endeavors. If any one
has contact and is willing to relay this notion to his quite honorable sir, I would be most grateful.

Last -
If anyone has read Kieth Laumers' The Other Side Of Time (Worlds Of The Imperium series) The theme of alternate universe travel is ripe for both game and film production. I've seen it done many times before, (I'm 66 and have always been an avid reader) but no one has done it with such breadth and detail as Laumer.

Comments quite welcome - due to some time constraints I may not be able to respond more than
once a week - for now.

Thanks to all for your kind attention and your participation here.

Best Wishes - Third Keeper