The Poisoned Pawn - Major update
WOW. JUst saw the gameplay demo. Looks terrific. Cant wait.
I saw the post on facebook, it was simply beautiful work. You should all be very proud of the results!
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The work is fantastic. As I posted on the BFG site, I'm running out of superlatives to describe it. I also posted a 'criticism', which I regret having to do, but I thought it best to bring it up:
OK, now I have to bring up a bit of a downer. I'm really sorry to do it, but my wife said exactly the same thing when I showed her all the update info. It has to do with the 8 minute demo video. What we both noticed is the 'bobbing up and down' when walking. We are hoping this will NOT be part of the final game. While it is true that people move up and down while walking, it is also true that the brain compensates for the movement, so people never notice it in real life. I don't think it brings anything extra to the gameplay and, in reality, only has the potential to irritate or annoy some people, or even make some people seasick. Again, sorry for the detraction, but I felt it was better to mention it now rather than later.
This 'feature' really has to go... seriously.... it's not a good thing guys.
We are aware of this and haven't balanced it right during capturing the gameplay. This will be highly decreased and there will be also an option to turn it on or off.
I responded to your similar post on the BFG forum. As I said there, this is a perfect answer to the 'issue': really, it couldn't be better.

BTW, the update says there will be no more posts on the BFG forums. I had a look at but didn't see any forum there. Is there one? How does Chaotic Fusion envision people being able to post about TPP?
That's something we have to clarify a bit more i think. It's right that we will not post on the BFG page again (for updates), which doesn't mean that Steve could post a link if an update is available on our site. But it's always a coordination thing to get everyone involved posting the update on different pages more or less at the same time. On our page we have much more control over it and can post updates whenever we want. The Forum on BFG or on this page is still a medium we will pay a lot Attention to, so please leave your comments on further updates there. At the Moment there is no plan having our own Forum cause it's something you have to work on as well.

Would be nice if you guys could help us and let People know this. Thx!
Indeed. The head bob was never a feature, just a default setting from what is now an outdated movement system that has since been replaced.

However, look for our next title "Pigeon Simulator", coming Holidays 2018. :)
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LMAO. Well, pigeons are not my fave, so perhaps I'll skip that game ;)
I admit, I'm a little sad to see the release slip into 2017, it had felt to me as if you guys were getting pretty close. But such is life.

It's really a very professional-looking effort. I would probably want to downplay the "fan-made" angle. You may be fans, and you may not have a physical office, but given the involvement, promotion, and support of Big Finish to me it feels more like Phoenix Online Studios working on Gabriel Knight 20th than it does a simple fan mod. Giving the effort a "studio name" is a good first step.

The whole thing makes me excited for the future of Tex Murphy, and if Big Finish collaborating with select talented members of the community could be a way to continue the series we all love in an economically viable way. Either remakes or new games or both.
I think we need to be careful not to conflate "fan made" with "fan mod". IMHO, a 'mod' is a very different thing from The Poisoned Pawn.