So the Big Finish Games forum is dead???

I've been noticing that there haven't been any new posts on the BFG forum for quite a while. Just now I found out why. When I logged in a clicked on a couple of forum threads I noticed that it said I'm not allowed to post in this forum. I didn't check every single thread, but any I did check gave me the same message.

I also noticed that an email I sent to Steve at BFG has gone unanswered. We used to email back & forth once in a while, but this time nothing. It makes me wonder if he's still employed at BFG.

Oh, and it's quite a bit harder to even find the forum. It's now listed under "Archived". When I went there and checked the "Help with Archives" I found this:

"Note: The forums are still accessible for archival purposes only. New user registrations and postings have been disabled."

Anyone have any insight? Does this mean BFG is basically defunct? Out of the video game industry?
Far from it. BFG is still going strong, AND they are currently collaborating with the development collective 'Chaotic Fusion' on a brand new Tex Murphy game.

The reason the forums were "shut down" was because BFG revamped their entire website. See:

The forums were also under-utilized and were getting more difficult to maintain.

-Cub. =o)
Thanks Matt. I know Chris and Aaron, et al, are co-operating with you guys on PP, but I don't know just how involved they really are (just basically saying, "we give you permission to develop PP" or more directly involved).

It seems to me that, other than this site, there's no longer a forum for fans to discuss things related to PP. You guys, quite reasonably I think, don't have a forum on the CF site. I'm sure you don't need the headache of maintaining a forum in addition to developing PP. For me, the BFG site fulfilled the role of a PP forum....

BTW, do you have any info on Steve? Is he still at BFG?

Oh, and the latest PP trailer looks f a n t a s t i c mate :D
From what we've seen, BFG seem to be collaborating creatively, writing new material, and filming new scenes/recording new dialog. I don't think they're involved in the nuts and bolts of the development, though.

I think BFG are basically TruGolf when they're not BFG. So even when they're not actively involved in consumer game development, they have jobs and the ability to pivot to game development should the right circumstances arise. If PP turns out to be successful, I think the hope is probably to develop a game in cooperation with CF.
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Oh, absolutely. If PP takes off, I think it's almost an obligation on BFG's part to make them the core developers of a new game; one where they get paid commensurate to the effort they've put in. In fact, if PP makes a decent profit, then the developers should get a good slice of it, IMHO. What they've done, and are doing, is beyond a mere hobby or fandom. The only other effort I can think of that's comparable is Star Trek Continues. What a job they've done as well.
Frogacuda is right. BFG is collaborating creatively with us, providing new Story, FMV-content, dialog lines etc. They're not involved into the core dev process. TruGolf is their main business at the moment so i do understand why they "shut down" the forum but i personally do miss it as well. Was nice to stay in contact with you guys regularly, but we're also active on twitter. We're very busy in development, but we're still trying to keep you guys up-to-date as much as possible, also setting our focus mainly on the development of the game.
also, if anybody is interested in following the new project, and does not user Twitter or any other social media, we have a Mailing List set up, which we will send email updated whenever there is significant news.

Click on any "news" article on the Chaotic Fusion / Poisoned Pawn website (such as this one: ... -con-info/) and use the form on the right hand side of that page to add your email address to the mailing list.

-Cub. =o)
Thanks Cub (and all)
OK, so BFG can't/doesn't want to support their forum any longer... understandable..... and, CF really doesn't have the resources to setup/maintain a forum.... and, PP really needs a forum so.... we have the perfect answer right here.

The UTM has been the long-standing stalwart to keeping interest in Tex alive. Even Chris and Aaron acknowledge that Tex would very likely not have been resurrected without UTM, so....

Let's ask Mr. LeMosy to create a forum/thread specific to PP. James, are you listening? In fact, I think I'll PM him.... oh wait, I just did :P

Oh, and guys (Cubase, Undyingspite), if James agrees and does it, you really should link to it from the CF site.
To be honest with you Chandler, most people working on the game are already preoccupied doing just that. Being such a small team we are spread very thin. We already have social media to maintain (such as twitter), as well as a blog which is featured on the Poisoned Pawn website ( and has it's own comments section.

Every time a new blog post or major news about The Poisoned Pawn hits, one of the members of our team usually shares it here anyway. Don't get me wrong, I love this community as much as anybody (my roots as a Tex Murphy fan are right here at UTM). But I don't think a whole new forum is necessary.

But if James wants to create one, then I'm sure as news comes up about PP, we will post it there.

-Cub. =o)
Sorry Matt, I didn't explain myself very well. I wasn't thinking of a new forum to put more pressure or obligation on the CF team to post more updates and such; not at all. I was more thinking of it as a place for people looking forward to the game to discuss things among themselves, much like we did on UTM for many years. I only suggested the link on the CF site so that people could discover that there is a community where they can discuss, ask questions, etc. CF wouldn't have to post there at all.

Now if, for example, the CF team wanted some feedback from the community, as you've done a few times in the BFG forums, that would of course be welcome. But, I am aware of how busy you all must be, so I don't want any extra load placed on you whatsoever. In fact, I was hoping the extra forum might take some load off.
Hey guys !

Glad to see there's still a glimmer of hope...

Remember in the old days..?
This site used to be boiling over with excitement.
Nowadays, there is hardly any activity at all.... which is quite depressing, if you ask me.

The most common phrase these days seems to be "No activity today..."

I don't know why, but somehow "Hermans Hermits" springs to mind every time I read that.. :wink:
I think most fans have moved over to . I'm still glad this site is here though, for the downloads and archives and everything. :)
kev wrote: February 24, 2020 • 2:00 pm I think most fans have moved over to . I'm still glad this site is here though, for the downloads and archives and everything. :)
After googling a bit, I guess the good URL would be for the Chandler Avenue Discord.