Favorite Moments

The Rank 'em! topic got me thinking more about the Tex games. What is everyone's favorite moments from the Tex games? Was it a cutscene? Was it a moment that made you laugh, jump or shut off the game in frustration? I'll start:

Mean Streets - Have yet to play it for more than a couple minutes on my Commodore 64. I have a feeling it's a game with a "best before" date.

Martian Memorandum - I haven't played this one yet either. I own it on GOG.com, but I refuse to play it until I find a boxed copy of it for a reasonable price. It's the only one I'm missing!

Under a Killing Moon - My first Texperience, so I would have to say the first time I played the demo CD from a magazine and explored Chandler Ave. for the very first time. It was fun and hilarious to hear the Texisms for the first time. From then on I was hooked.

The Pandora Directive - This game blew me away, it took everything I loved from UAKM and improved on it. I'd have to say my favorite moment in the game though was the first time exploring Roswell. It felt very tense, the atmosphere was great. Kept you on edge the whole time.

Overseer - Like PD before it I really enjoyed the whole Alcatraz section, it had great tension and kept me on toes. Big Jim Slade's room would be my 2nd choice.

Tesla Effect - Overall, it was great to walk down an updated Chandler Ave. and hear all new Texisms, but I think my favorite part was the Tesla Legacy Society. It had the right tone & tension. The overall atmosphere drew me in. BEES!

Poisoned Pawn - N/A

Well those were my favorite moments playing the games. My choices are more of an overall feel and when I was most into the game while playing it, but I'm sure your experiences are quite different than mine, so let's hear about them! I'm curious what everyone else experienced.
Wow, 2 months later and nothing. Apparently I am the only one that had favorite moments in the Tex Murphy games. That's fine. I'll take it, but you guys should really try playing the games sometime. They're pretty good.
I think a lot of people are just more on the likes of Facebook these days and message boards just aren't generally as big as they once were. Maybe.
we probably won't have any life here until the poisoned pawn is released.
most fans are posting here .............https://www.facebook.com/groups/444616128896352/
tex murphy is back in town
Ah, I was wondering where everyone was congregating these days. I can't say I'm surprised and a little disappointed in myself for not assuming it. Anyway I don't use Facebook. I've been avoiding it like the plague since its inception. In light of recent events with them I hope you can at least understand why. If you don't just assume I'm old and crazy.

If anyone is a little curious as to why, here's an old documentary/video from about 10 years ago that might help illustrate some of the issues with Facebook amongst others:

http://www.documentary24.com/privacy-is ... r-it--317/

Yeah privacy is dead, but I also don't have to offer up my info on a silver platter.