Ways to Die in the Tex Murphy Series

I'm looking to do death compilation videos of the Tex Murphy Series but I first need to know if you can die in the games and if so, how. Please let me know. Any help will be appreciated.
You can die in Tex games, although it's somewhat of a minor aspect of them.
If you are going to die, die in Under a Killing Moon. The Great PI in the sky made dying actually quiet enjoyable.

So many can't remember them all. I'll get you started.
Talking to Franco Franco
Killed by laser field at Eddie Ching's
Killed by the Chameleon
Killed by the robot at GRS
Killed by Ferrel Pus with spider game
Talking with bartender at Broken Skull

Talking to NSA
Killed by the robot at Autotech

Big Jim Slade kills you at Big Surf Lodge
Big Jim Slade kills you at the Clock Tower

Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.
Did you play Mean Streets and Martian Memorandum? There are many ways to die. I don't remember them all. No "Retry" option in Tex games. Damn shame. Save frequently and try not to die. Good luck!
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