Kickstarter Rewards Updated / Box / Radio Theatre and Dead Links on BFG Site

Hope you guys can help.

Given the recent announcements about the big box and new radio episodes for the Kickstarter backers, I thought I would attempt to get back into the Kickstarter / Mutant league Downloads.

Problem being I changed my email since the original Kickstarter (as it got hacked) and secondly I cannot access the old forums / backer downloads on the BFG site.

There is an FAQ on their website

However when I follow the links to the old forums I get a recoverable fatal error message. I am pressing the hyperlinks.

I may be doing it wrong as I these instructions state:

Navigate to the “BFG Forums” sub-menu item, located within the “Archived” menu item at the top of the new Big Finish Games web site.

Update - I guess I message / join the Discord channel??? Will that help???

I cannot see this Archives menu item on the new site - is it just me?

Thirdly - I am guessing even if I gain access, will I remember my details to log into the forum and then log into the backer section - probably not!
This post by the Discord user ChronoWolf explains what happened to the site and how to get your backer downloads. Basically, you send him a private message with your user info, and he'll look up your backer's record and send you the downloads. Of course, you need to get a Discord account first if you haven't already.