Kickstarter rewards

Hey all--hope there are still some Tex fans active here. Is there any way to get ahold of some of the digital rewards from the Project Fedora Kickstarter? Specifically the Chris Jones narrated audiobook and the second season of the Radio Theater. I played the games back in the 90s and have returned to them often, but when the Kickstarted launched I wasn't remotely aware of Kickstarter...and even if I was, I couldn't have afforded the $88 for the audiobook tier or the $160 radio theater tier. I understand the incentive at the time to make these exclusive at the time, but it's a shame that they don't seem available for fans to purchase now.

I just recently found out about the Aaron Conners novelizations and audiobooks, which I will be buying presently. Maybe it's the MST3K, "keep circulating the tapes" in me, but I'm hoping someone can help an old fan out. As tribute, I have attached an ink drawing I did of Tex this year. Thanks!
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The 2nd part of the Radio Theater hasn't been released yet. If you are looking for other incentives from the kickstarter campaign, use the contact form on bigfinishgames website. It usually takes a few days for them to reply but they are very helpful.
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