Tex Murphy: Overseer (GOG)

I told here before that i have the original version of this game in CD and DVD. I played the CD-ROM and DVD-ROM Version using VMWare Workstation Pro 15 with Windows XP 32 Bits. The game work but must be played in Software Mode. I got the GOG Version, but after the installation, when i tried to play, the game crashed. I find out that DVD Express was causing the problem, so i removed it from the PC. When the game started, i noticed several problems with the textures. So i installed dgVoodoo. The problem was fixed. But with dgVoodoo, the game keep freezing during videos, like the Intro and when we meet Sylvia in the office. Any solutions? Thanks.
Some news. The videos are not crashing. After one minute the game pauses. I never saw this in the original version. When the game pauses, i press the "Windows Logo" key in the keyboard. Goes back to Windows and minimizes the game. The solution is to keep moving the mouse. I mean, the player needs to press a key or move the mouse. If you don't do anything for one minute or more, the game will pause. This is bad during a video or while examining an object. But in other occasions, like when you are exploring, is no big deal.