Had my cholesterol tested...

Jim, it just always seemed too good to be true, to me. But, anything gets stale if you have to limit yourself. Best of luck, Cub.

Enjoy your whooper, Jim.

Jim the old guy wrote:If that's true, I'm stopping at Burger King on the way home and get myself a double whopper with cheese and bacon. Hmmm.
Or stop at Barney's in San Francisco and have one of these (the bacon alone was to die for):
http://hobbes.localhost.nu/gallery/main ... itemId=180

I don't want to recomend one way or another whether there is anything to the cholesterol scare, but I absolutely recommend vigorous exercise.

I live primarily on a diet of what I call fun-food. Ice cream, milk shakes, soda pop, bacon and eggs, and candy EVERY day. Spaghetti, chicken and rice or potatoes and a variety of other things for dinner. I am never sick. Haven't even had so much as a cold in over 15 years. I'm 55, not overweight (5'11" and 170 lbs) and the last time I had a complete physical the doctor told me I was a textbook example of perfect health and that my cholesterol was 'normal' (I didn't pay attention to the number, so I don't know what it was.)

I attribute my good health to a lot of bicycling. About 50 miles a day of hard riding.

My advice? Eat whatever you want in moderation, exercise, and don't smoke or drink too much and you can't go wrong.

Eating is one of the great pleasures in life. I'd rather live 50 years on good food than 100 years on twigs and sticks.
A lot has been said, so I'll just send in my encouragements. I had to change my habits pretty much cold turkey and I know it's not easy. It haunts you for a long while, and never really goes away. But I also know it's possible, and the change after a few months is so incredible, you never want to walk down the path of your old ways again.

This said, good night, and good luck :wink:
Yes, it's true that any diet can become boring IF we are not a disciplined person. That is our biggest problem: the ability to actually follow through on diet (and exercise - thanks Doc) regularly. We have to follow the training presented by Yoda in Empire Strikes Back. He told Luke, "You must unlearn what you have learned" in order to succeed. So, once again we are back to the basics: if we change our thinking we can lose weight or make money or get educated or, well, you get the idea.

As a side thought, positive thinking will get us a new Tex game - someday.
"If you look to me for illumination, you better have a flashlight!"
Well what ever u do cub good luck to ya
Live is too short to waste it make sure its with the one u love !
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This post must have been playing at the back of my mind for ages because I finally bought a cholesterol testing kit from Boots and tested myself this morning.

Apparently I'm just about fine, so off to stuff my face now. Cub, I think you've had the opposite effect on me - I'm clearly not punishing my body enough!
17 years later it’s interesting to read up this post. I can’t believe Dr Paul is now 70!
Demonlawyer wrote: December 31, 2022 • 7:28 am 17 years later it’s interesting to read up this post. I can’t believe Dr Paul is now 70!

It is.
I'm getting close to 50 myself, although I still feel like I'm (getting close to) 20.
Even though I probably should know better, I still enjoy racing the young guys on the motorbike :)

I don't know much about diets and stuff; I pretty much eat what ever I like, but I am a bit picky about the food having to be of good quality though. I like a good steak; sweet stuff too... If anything I go easy on the vegetables lol :)
Nobody knows what the future might bring; I might even be gone within the next few minutes from now; but so far, I'm holding up pretty well. I'm happy to say, I haven't been ill for the past 35 years or so, besides over-straining my back a few times over the years.

For me, DrPauls recommendations have worked beautifully. Alot of the things I love to eat would probably be a big No-No ! in any healthy dietplan, but with lots of physical activity, many sins are (apparently) forgiven :)