Is Tex already 18 years old!?

I seem to recall him being born in 2004. Am I remembering this wrong? If so, this is insane! We're rapidly approaching the time of the games themselves!
If he was British he’d be old enough to try bourbon…

But in the states he’s old enough to drive a speeder, which is probably a better deal.
I remember the video James posted on the day Tex would have been born. A shame that the video is gone, but it remains in my head. Brilliant work. Can't believe it was so long ago.

Sheesh, I feel old.
Wow. I joined this board a long time ago around the same age Tex would be now. I have lived half my life already since then. It really does boggle the mind.
I'm not fat ... I'm festively plump.
Well Under a Killing Moon is set in 2042... it's not that far away now !

18 more years to go, and I feel old too.