A little bird told me...

I just got UAKM and Pandora working on the XP and here come's Vista. I'd gladly trade it all in on a new Tex game.

Wouldn't this make a great movie series too?
Actually, a UKAM movie was attempted but for some reason the production was scrapped before given the green light. Not sure why, maybe the script didn't stay faithful to the game or didn't meet expectations.
HEY!!!! This topic is stickied. Could more postings from "The Man" be imminent????

Here's hoping!
Well the topic was slowing down so maybe he just stickied it so that people who dont stop by a lot would be able to see it.
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Yeah, just stickied it since it was moving further down the page, and I didn't want it to get buried. No new AC posts are imminent, as far as I know.
Great! Everytime I read Aaron I feel happy to know Tex will return sooner or later. Keep the good work and Thanks for the news.
Ruben! Where have you been? We missed you!
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Fantastic news.Thanx Aaron 8)
Hey Jim, Thanks for the concern. I'm fine, hoping as always that Tex will return.
Evening :D

Been a long long time since I last posted here and on Chris and Matts site but this thread seems worthy of attention.

Superb news, I can't believe it's been 10 years since Overseer and there is still hope.

Anyway those good thoughts you want are being sent AC and we all know that in some shape or form Tex will return and we will finally learn what happened at the end of Overseer - as cliffhangers go, 10 years I think is taking it a bit far :D

Take care everyone and those fingers are most definitely crossed.
YAY!!!! HOOORAY!!!! :D :D :D

This is really great news. I have been waiting for so long. Had all Tex Murphy games, since I was in Junior high in 87.

Go Aaron, Go Chris. Do it on Wii platform if you can, since the developer's tool for that one is quite affordable.

But, seriously, I just read this news, and glimmer of hope is rising in me.
Tex murphy long time fan
I don't know how I missed this post.. he posted like 2 days before my Bday.. :D
Welcome back Marlowe! This thread has seen the return of two wonderful members: Ruben and Marlowe. And, if that isn't the tickles, we have a new poster. Welcome CK! Now, if that new game shows up, well....
"If you look to me for illumination, you better have a flashlight!"
great great great.:)

CK=Clark Kent? Oh my folks, we got ourself The Man of Steel on here. jk :lol:
Welcome news, that's for sure.