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AC wrote:I haven't checked out the LOST online game, though I'm a big fan of Lost and briefly considered taking the job of Creative Director on Ubisoft's Lost game.
AH! :shock: :) Back when you first let us all know about your work with Ubisoft, I began to piece things together and secretly wondered if you were somehow going to be involved with the Lost game. I guess I wasn't too far off! :) It seemed like something that might have been right up your alley. If you don't mind me asking, what made you decide not to take the job?
1. Stretching the budget. So that's the name of the game. Have you consindered recycling the VR engine from PD or Overseer or finding to people to do stuff at a minimal cost? Maybe someone here's a programmer.

2. If you could give us a mailing address for audio submissions and possible scripts for recorded material that would be great.



In regards to why I didn't work on Lost...

I was offered the job of Creative Director of Shaun White Snowboarding back in May of 2006. I told them I was interested, but I wasn't in a position to move to Montreal (another story...a long one). I was very fortunate that they wanted me enough to set up a highly unorthodox work arrangement of three weeks in Montreal, a week+ in Utah. They were very accomodating and great to work with.

A few months later, Ubisoft signed on to do the Lost game. For at least six months, they were on the hunt for a Creative Director (this is one of the hardest jobs for Ubi - or any other company - to fill because it's a role that requires a mix of abilities and a bunch of experience). I looked into the possibility of being a contributor (on the side), but was instead invited to apply for the CD position.

I thought it over, but decided that it wouldn't be right to ditch the guys who'd done so much to bring me on. Besides, I really enjoy working on the snowboarding game.

So there you have it!
As always, thank you for answering those direct questions and for helping us to keep the faith. You and CJ and the rest have our love and respect and always will.
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Hey Aaron ~

I've been away which is why I'm writing a little late, but if you have time, I have a couple questions that come to mind. Thanks for taking the time to do this!

1. Have you had the chance to read either of Jen's short stories posted here on the board. If you haven't I'd suggest you take a peek - in my opinion she really manages to capture the essence of Tex, and I'd love to hear your thoughts on them.

2. You mention E3 - in what context will you be attending?

3. I don't know if this is like pouring salt in the wound for you guys, but lately I've been learning Microsoft XNA Studio Express. It has built in 3D support with usage of DirectX, a simple programming language (C#), and the possibility to add Media Clips and anything else one could imagine in your typical old-school Tex game. It's also designed to work seamlessly on Windows systems. This means that potentially you could have 3d-navigatable environments, interactive screens, FMV clips, inventories, and everything else. Do you think that XNA could be a potential platform for a new Tex game? Although it is MS :x based, it's free, and any content can be freely distributed and profited upon, no strings attached (as far as I've heard). Thoughs?

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Thanks for the info and updates.

As for TMRT, I'd have definitely paid for more and I'm sure I'm not alone on that. If you do do them again, I'm sure we'd all pay a subscription.

You could even maybe sell them as an audiobook on iTunes or something. Who knows, it might generate some unexpected income.
Thanks for answering, Aaron. Nice to see the TM crew still has a plan of action ready for when the opportunity comes up to continue the series.
Always great to hear i just could not think of something to ask and when i found something i had to find out it was asked alraidy.

If anything the only think i can come up with is this.

Would it be posible to make the Tex Radio thearthe into adio book format making it another way of geting the word of tex to a whole new bunch of peaple.

I know its probebly inposible but he i got bad eyes and i read alot of audio books, while playing tex ofcourse.
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Glad to hear it! I will keep my keen eye open and see what I can do to help as much as possible when the time comes!

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Since the deadline for questions and answers has passed, I'm now locking this topic. Thanks to everyone who posted!