(Visible) Tex Murphy Radio Theater (and in german)

I have translated the Tex Murphy Radio Theater Episodes into german (english audio with german subtitles).

Probably, these versions might be interessting for english listeners as well, as i have included screenshots to seperate passages of the story as well. So you can not only hear Tex but sometimes also see him.

It's a self-playing .EXE file. You can download it here:


Have fun!

(I hope, the text is synchronized on your system as well, as i could only test it on my system, yet)

Other epsiodes are available soon.
Wow, das ist echt gut ;)

This is really nice and the idea was also great. Maybe someone can do it also in english version ? :))

thanks basti :)
Great job basti, I really enjoyed that!
Wow nice job sir realy loved it.
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Dieses ist groß. Danke!

War es hart?

-Cub. =o)
Danke Vielmals, Basti !

Sehr Schön gemacht !

Viele Grüsse,
Great effort! Even though I don't speak german. :?

Intresting way to present TMRT. I always thought that TMRT would look and sound great if it was done in the graphic novel style used in Max Payne 1 & 2. Now that would be cool!
I think someone on this board began drawing some Tex Murphy comic cells... they looked REALLY good... if coloured and coupled with the radio theatre it would really be something.

Although I am sure Alex would be screaming bloody murder at the lack of FMV :lol:

-Cub. =o)
Super, danke Basti!

Gruesse aus Dortmund,