Finished Mean Streets and Martian Memorandum

I just finished playing Martian Memorandum. Prior to this, I played Mean Streets. This marks my first time through for both games. Despite their somewhat dated visuals and interface, they were both very enjoyable. In fact, the old fashioned asthetics and mechanics of the game just added to the enjoyment. The stories were very good too, I especially enjoyed the Marshall Alexander plot twist at the end.

Next for me is to revisit Under A Killing Moon again and try to finish it without the Help system. Following this, I intend to play The Pandora Directive through its entirety for the first time and discover the various paths and endings. Then, i'll revisit Overseer, but I trust this won't be for a while.

Before I get into UKAM, does anyone wish to travel down memory lane with me?
I may have to break out my copies of the early Tex games. It's been ages since I played MS or MM, but I remember them fondly.
Good for you, Joel. I have never finished MS or MM, but now that I have them on a flash drive (thanks, Doc), I intend to play them all the way through. My first experience with Tex was UAKM. After that I played PD and eventually had all 8 endings saved (somehow lost them but working on getting them back) and I have played Overseer countless times.

My biggest problem is getting Overseer to work properly on my Dell XP. At first it played great; then it played decent through half the game and them the FMV scenes would not play. Since my computer crashed a couple months back, I have tried to load and play it but with some difficulty. Seems it plays like a bad cassette tape - regular voice then fast forward, back to reg. then fast, etc. I just got frustrated and turned it off. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. BTW, if you do offer help, please you plain terms as I am NOT computer savvy. Thanks!
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Joel, I'm about to start that journey again. MM I played 18 years ago and loved it. Mean Streets I only played on a C64, so now that I have the NEW 256 color VGA! version I'm going to play it again.

Other than the old Infocom Text Mystery games like Deadline/Suspect/Witness, there has never been a game that really lets you feel like a detective the way the Tex Murphy games do.

Did you ever play another Chris Jones game called Countdown?

Jim the Old Guy, you have my sympathies. I spent the whole weekend trying to get Overseer to run properly on XP and still can't. But I'm almost there . . .
Let me know if you get it running properly. Thanks, Tuco.
"If you look to me for illumination, you better have a flashlight!"
Awesome Joel... They are awesome games...
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Yes and no to Overseer. Look at my post in the Tex Support. I think I;m going to install the CD version and see if it runs better.
Finished Day 1 today with absolutely no help from the Hint system. Though I must admit, a lot of it was courtesy of memory, but i'm pretty proud. I'm going to try and do this for the remainder of the game.
Completing day one in my mind from playing UAKM before I thought this would be so easy to complete without the useful hint system. I could not remember how to get all the relative imformation for the crime link data base, I could not believe when the time came round again to use the Hint"s just my luck LOL. :lol:
Re: Overseer: I don't want to say too much because I know there's a whole Tex Support forum, but once I downloaded the latest Overseer patch I had no problem running Overseer on DVD. Try GameDrive Pro too - it's great for eliminating fumbling for all those *#(@$$#@ CDs.

I loved MS and MM. GREAT games. I wish today's movies that I so consistently waste so much money on had storywriters who cared as much about whether or not people would actually enjoy the story as those who wrote MS and MM.

I loved the part in MS where you tracked down the student who was mad at Linsky for giving him a bad grade who happened to be eating fish. Tex asks, "What kind of fish is that?" "Red Herring".

The only part of MM I really didn't like was the rocks through the quicksand. That to me was just too much tedium. I liked shooting the snake though :). And you know you're dealing with a creative storywriter when the way out of a deadly trap is borrow someone's bra :).

"What brings ya down here Murphy, looking....for a client?" Mac Malden in MM who is also in UAKM.

"Mon Dieu! WHAT the hell are you DOING here?" The French guy - hilarious!

EDITED to say: ANY TEX MURPHY FAN SHOULD DOWNLOAD DOSBOX AND PLAY MS AND MM ALL THEY WAY THROUGH!!!!!!!!!! They are just as fun as any other TM game, just less technological.
Up to Day 4 on UKAM. I needed to use the hint system for only 1 thing so far - the number code to Eddie Ching's safe which had the security card in it. I actually couldn't find the Birthday card, after that it wasn't too hard. But that's it. I think i'm on just below 500 points so far.
I want to know who the actress was who played Sylvia Linsky in Mean Streets. Hubba hubba she was hot. The actress they found for UAKM was "okay" and the one they got for Overseer was unattractive at best. I'd have loved to see that original actress in FMV.
The Birthday Card was either Under the table in the middle of the floor or it was sitting on top of that one Black Dresser/Cabinet...
Unless I'm thinking of something else... But I'm pretty sure it was on the floor, under the table...

I really need to replay these games... Once I get through my Deposition in August I should have more time...
The Paved Straight Road, Won't Always Get You Farther Than The Winding Dirt Road...

Can You Run Your Game??? Click Here And Find Out...

*Note, Not All Games Have Been Tested & Therefore May Not Be Listed...
Good for you, Joel! UAKM was and still is a great game. Tex' one liners are some of the best in all the games.
"If you look to me for illumination, you better have a flashlight!"
Just finished UKAM then. I think this is now about my tenth play through. It's also the time I have used the Hint system the least. My final score was 965. After playing the first three in order, I must say that the evolution is extraordinary. This game marked a real watershed in the Tex Murphy serious - for obvious reasons. But it really shows the impact that Aaron had on Tex Murphy. I'm not just referring to production and concept either. Tex, the character himself changed from being a bitter, cynical narcissist to a seasoned, optimistic but also an equally guarded and analytical detective. He also had his share of ironies.

The best evidence of this was at the beginning of Day 6 where for a moment he considers everything to be potentially lost and crosses over the possibility in his mind of maybe staying on the Moon Child only to have reality kick in the second later. This is definitely not the same character from the first two games. I could never appreciate the depth of the writing in the story when I was younger as I wasn't that savvy with literature nor did I have the two predecessors to UKAM. It may not entirely be my first time ever, but I am actually playing these games properly for the first time in the sense of not rushing and actually taking detailed handwritten notes about the things I learn about the characters during conversations. It's making a HUGE difference in the way I understand the characters and their relevance to the story. If only I played it like this back in the day!

So, it's now time for The Pandora Directive. While I have played this before, I have never completed it, not once. So I have about 7 endings to discover. In a way, this will be a whole new Tex experience for me as i'll follow the note taking process of the previous three titles and really take my time. I could be a while, but i'm looking forward to it :)

In other classic gaming news, I also completed Doom 2 the other night - no notes for that one! But also, no cheats either.