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I was listening to the whole series again at work yesterday and was wondering if Chris or Aaron had ever said anything about its future.
Future is unclear at this juncture. Probably will not have any more RT episodes. We the faithful are holding out for a new game.
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Hey, I was listening to it yesterday too, what a coincidence :D Hadn't listened to it for probably a year or so. Had to boot up my old computer to get the episodes again.
I love the atmosphere of the old victorian house (or at least, the dark, gritty atmosphere I imagine) and of course the humour is as wonderful as ever. And its great hearing the characters again (especially had to laugh at the way the "like a schoolgirl" bit was spoken).
Hopefully it'll be made into a game someday, but yeah it's pretty much up in the air at the moment. Perhaps if a game is not possible, audio & text adventures will be the last option, but I remain hopeful for it to be a full-blown game too.
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Does anyone know where I can d/l them? Or at least can someone send me the mp3's over e-mail? all the links are dead and I still haven't heard all the episodes!!!
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You can get the radio theater mp3's here...

The site is in french, but the mp3 are in english...
Thanks, dkbtf. I keep losing the links to them, and I often find my self wanting to listen to them again.

If Chris and Aaron have been working on completely different projects recently, are they spending less and less time together? And if this is the case, is that not good news for Tex?
I think that aaron write the story and the dialogues and that chris performs them...

For the future of tex, the future game is surelly written(not enterilly but aaron said a long time ago that they worked on it) I think it is just sleeping until they'll have money.
When i red the topic "ask aaron" (people submitted question to aaron conners in 2002) i copy/cut some facts about the future of tex. here it is... (if you have much time, you can go read the old board and all the answers of aaron conners):

- The "Trilogy" consists (in theory) of three connected stories:
"Chance", "Polarity", and "Trance", all of which revolve around Tex Murphy, as well as his past, present and future. Part I ("Chance") begins a few weeks after the cliffhanger at the end of Overseer, which happened (in Tex's timeline) a month or two after the conclusion of the Pandora Directive case. (For those who haven't played all the games, Overseer was a retelling of Tex's first case ("Mean Streets" -- from years earlier, which Tex related to Chelsee over dinner at the Golden Pagoda.)

Contrary to some rumors, the Trilogy stories exist only in "outline form", accompanied by many, many pages of notes, drawings, conversations, etc. It's possible that they could be written in novel format, or perhaps as movie screenplays, but ideally they would become fully developed, multi-pathed, interactive computer games.

- Right now, a list of actors for "Chance" is pretty much LITERALLY the last thing on my mind. If we get the opportunity, however, there are several characters (in addition to the "regulars" on Chandler Ave.) that I anticipate seeing again. As for Big Jim Slade, he's safely locked away in some high security prison and I can't imagine how he could possibly get out..

- As I said in an earlier response, the Trilogy of Chance, Polarity, and Trance have all been outlined. Chance has been broken down in two different ways: In CHAPTERS (in anticipation of writing the story in novel form); and in DAYS (the design for the interactive game). I would guess the story is 80% laid out. Polarity is only about 40% developed; All details relevant to the other two stories are set, but (since the story has its own unique plot) the "gameplay" details are still generalized. Trance, which was originally intended to be the sequel to The Pandora Directive, is nearly as developed as Chance, but will undoubtedly have to evolve as the two earlier stories are written/created.

As for writing the stories as novels and publishing them, Chris Jones has encouraged me to do so, but I'm not sure what route to take. I could write them and approach a "major" publisher, but then I'd have to work out an arrangement with MS for the rights. Secondly, I could start by going to MS and try to negotiate a nominal royalty agreement, and then publish them myself (or through MS Press). Or, I could wait and see if we'll ever get to do another Tex Murphy game and, if not, keep the stories for myself, change the characters, and try to get the stories published without having to pay royalties.

Also, prior to writing the story for the Pandora Directive, I presented two OTHER story ideas to Chris. They were both quite good, but we were digging on the whole Mayan/UFO storyline back in 1995. So, there are two other plots that could appear as interactive fiction, radio shows, flash movie/games, etc. I'll be sure to let you and all the other Tex fans know via James' site.

- In the next story, Tex will see the need to undergo a number of image changes, including trying to quit smoking -- it should be hilarious. And I'M the one guilty of making Tex a smoker. I quit almost a year ago, while Chris has never smoked.

- Is it possible to include any of Tex's other family members in any future installments? I know he had a few sibilings from Pandora Directive

Chris and I discussed the possibility of a story in which returns home for a family reunion and gets drawn into a case. We wanted his parents to be played by June Lockhart and Leslie Nielsen (both of whom were available to us!). We've also talked about some of Tex's siblings, one of whom is now a pirate.

- Do you have plans for anymore Tex games after the trilogy? You discussed other plots you had that could have been used for Pandora that would probably be really cool to see in other Tex games.

I've got several rough story ideas I was working on before we decided to go with the Pandora story. If we can continue the series, I'm sure we would end up dusting off a few old ideas. They may even make their way into future novels.

An other question... There will be again a chat with AC?
Wow, thanks for taking the time to dig through that thread and pick out the most informative bits about their plans for Tex. I remember reading that thread but had forgotten most of it.

I dunno if there's something wrong with me, but i think the coolest thing out of all the information is the possibility to see Leslie Neilson as Tex's father ^^
I did that a long time ago... i thought it would be usefull...

It would be cool to do a topic with all the facts that we know about the future of tex (like this harry potter ... acts.shtml)

or when the site will be up, doing the same kind of thing...

just some ideas...

For leslie nielsen, i just can't imagine his confrontation with Tex... "what a dream"
I have a feeling Tex Murphy will return in one form or another in due time...

-Cub. =o)
Cubase wrote:I have a feeling Tex Murphy will return in one form or another in due time...

-Cub. =o)

I hope so.

Even if only in book format. I would just love to know what happend to tex. Frankly I find myself missing more the Radio Theater than the game. The story is so good I could handle Tex as a weekly serial radio show.
dkbtf wrote:

You can get the radio theater mp3's here...

The site is in french, but the mp3 are in english...
downloading them now been a while since i heard them.
I agree! It's taking forever but at least there is progress and light at the end of the tunnel!

Speaking of which....hey Cubase, any chance at all of ever hearing how Lombard Street ends? :wink: