Pandora - low points - again

Awhile back we discussed the possibility of playing thru PD game mode and trying to get the lowest points possible. Well, I may have come pretty close. I just finished and my point total was 2144 out of a possible 4026 (the highest I have reached without cheating or running up points). It was a real challenge to arrive at this count as I had to "unlearn" how I previously played the game. Still, it was fun.

And, yes, we had a thread on this a while back but I did not want to pull a Jerry Dan.
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Wait! I was the victim, not the perpetrator. :lol:

I can't bear to play wrongly, even when I try. I never finished Lombard Street for that reason. Good on you for your willpower, though!


Crap, I meant "Boulevard of Broken Dreams", not Lombard St. I can't believe no one called me on it!
I agree Jerry Dan. I tried to pay path C, and I had to force my hand to click the bad options in the game. I was in tears watching those cut scenes. I played it once and never again! Now when I play I always play Path A.

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I don't think I got much more than that when I played the first time round.

I could never get path C and remember reading JTOG telling us how to do it. When I did that it was like playing a brand new game all over again. I loved it - thanks Jim (and of course, Aaron, Adrian, CJ & co!).
I almost always ended up on Path B until I learned the one thing I'd been missing to get Path A. I've done Path C once. But, like Sam, I think once was enough for me.