Well, I'll be darned

Several years back we had a rather animated discussion regarding the two Pandora endings where Tex ends up as a clown. In the game I played he was called Jumbo. Another member of the board (I cannot remember who) said he was called Drongo (Aussie for God knows waht and used by Big Jim Slade). I was, shall we say, a little miffed and strongly protested. The other person did the same and we finally just let it go (for peace's sake). Well, today I just finished the GOG version and guess what! Tex was called Drongo! Sheesh! Do I feel the fool or what! So, I apologize for my earlier inference and I'm just glad it was cleared up.

The question is: Why and/or how was there two names for the clown? Was there an Australian version of the game?
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I think drongo would have been aaron's word & not slade's word .........LOL
"drongo" translation...... idiot, dickhead
tex murphy is back in town
This must have been before my time... I only did the clown ending once and that was over 15 years ago, and I don't recall the name used... Just thought it was pretty funny seeing Chris dressed up like that...

I wonder if he is available for Kids' parties??? :mrgreen:
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well I got the clown once on purpose & I don't recall what the clown was called.
tex murphy is back in town
Me either.
Yeah, I did the clown ending once, just to see them all. But, I don't recall the name.