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Ok, so I will also post my questions.

Will the book be the first part of the original trilogy, or is it just one shorter story now? Will it be aimed for the general public or do you have to know the previous story to understand it? Will you come to Spain to sing my copy?... no need to answer that :)

About the Radio Theater, what will be the scope of it? I mean, is it going to be a free, short labor of love or is it going to be bigger? I mean, will it be a complete story or a short of prologue like the awsome six episodes of the RT?

Oh, and Jim. I'm always glad for your kind words. I do consider you a friend and I can't thank you enough for all the Tex goodies you helped me adquire. I post very little, but when Aaron brings news I feel the need to jump and express my joy.
More Tex!!
Ruben (and others),

Thanks for the nice compliments about my writing. I'm really glad that folks have enjoyed the previous novels and I'm very excited to write this new one(s) - in part because I'll finally get to tell the stories I've been sitting on for 13 years now, but also in hopes that we can adapt the stories into game designs & scripts.

As for the Interactive Radio Theater, the idea is to offer the rich audio experience of the original TMRT, but add some simple graphics and an interface that allows you to choose actions and dialogue. For example, imagine a view from inside Tex's speeder looking out at a city street. After an audio clip ends, choices such as: SIT TIGHT, FOLLOW THE SUSPECT, or LOOK IN THE ALLEY might appear. You would then click one of these and a new audio clip would play (along with, perhaps, a new scene or visual overlay). All conversations will be interactive in the style of the older games (3 choices, Response Attitudes, etc.) and the character you're talking to will appear visually.

The game structure will be like a choose your adventure where there are dozens of paths through the story, however, there is only one perfect resolution. All other resolutions are less than ideal...including death. And, of course, Chris will provide Tex's voice and episode narration. For now, there won't be any puzzles, but that might change down the road.

I anticipate that the game will take 2-3 hours to complete. If you are THAT good, and happen to find the perfect path the first time through - it would be maybe 45-50 minutes long.

Now to answer specific questions:


After reading your fan fiction, you shouldn't waste your time proofreading my stuff. You're an awesome writer. I should be proofreading YOUR stuff! :-)


You're right: I did say that the novel might be a last resort, but that's not what we're thinking right now. And when you read the first few chapters of the novel, you'll see what we have in mind.

The reason for the IRT game is to offer a new Tex story - with gameplay - because I'm (and you are) tired of waiting! This is a simple enough concept that I can get it done with minimal resources. And if everyone loves it, I'll make more! Of course the ultimate goal is still to make a more complex game in which to tell the Trance story.

The novel is the first part of a trilogy, but I promise it won't end with a cliffhanger!!! I'm writing it so it can stand alone - you won't need to know anything about Tex Murphy to enjoy it, but those of you who know him will enjoy it even more.


The "steakhouse stakeout" reference wasn't a fully developed story piece while we were doing Overseer, but I had an idea in mind from the beginning, and it ended up being a good fit for this project. It does, in fact, have something to do with a client in a bad marriage and, while Crazy Gary's name does come up in the narration, he doesn't appear in this story.

Regarding the Access logo in a future Tex game, we could probably use it, but as an easter egg inside the game (like the Mean Streets arcade game in Overseer).


Let me know if there's anything I didn't cover in the description of the Interactive Radio Theater above.

The content of the original Radio Theater is still totally relevant, but its context won't become crystal clear until you read the novel. ;-) The story in the IRT happens before Tex and Chelsee are shot, so there's no real connection with the original Radio Theater (which takes place after the abduction).

I hope to have the Interactive Radio Theater ready to release in April. The novel should be done in June (though I'll try to get it done sooner!). There's a chance we might do an abridged audio version of the book as well. We'll see!

I'm guessing we'll sell the IRT game for $5 or less. I'd love to have the novel published by a real publisher, but I'll self-publish if all else fails. Either way, the novel would cost whatever the going rate is ($7.99?). An audio version would cost more - not sure how much.

Thanks for asking about 3 Cards! I really enjoyed working on those stories and I would love to finish off the trilogy, but there is no timetable for that. Chris J. and Doug V. are working on a lite adventure game tentatively called "Thunder Island". I'm not involved with the project, but it will be available on the Big Finish site around the end of March (exact date TBD), and you'll be able to play a demo, see a trailer, buy the game, etc.


I will look into a reissue of my old books. It would be great to officially release e-versions of the novels!


Thanks for the support! As I hope everyone knows, this isn't about the money, but I do need to pay people to do the things I can't (art, programming, etc.), so I really appreciate your willingness to buy our creations. :-)

Oh wow, this is wonderful news. I can't wait till your stuff comes out later this year. I'm dying to toss money at you right now Aaron. :)

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We owe so much to you guys and your efforts to provide wholesome entertainment in the form of adventure games, books, etc. A sterling by-product of Texology is this message board. A whole new world of friendships has opened with members from the far corners of the globe. Truly amazing! I'm just happy to be a part of it.
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Excellent news! The IRT sounds very intriguing: kind of like the choose you own adventure books I used to read as a kid. And the new novel is definitely icing on the cake. Thanks, Aaron; I can't wait.
This sounds really good. I'm guessing all the characters will be 3D models like 3CTM was. Personally though I'd love live action still photos (photoshoped over 3D Models/Props)- but I'm wondering how feasible that is on an indie budget, even something like you did with Mean Streets would be acceptable. Still I'm extremely excited about the idea of a new Tex game. Congrats AC ;)
Actually, I'm thinking live action still photos. :-)
AC wrote:Actually, I'm thinking live action still photos. :-)
You don't realize how happy you've just made me lol.
I am vastly intrigued by the latest news. This is all pretty neat, and far better news than I expected for my countless return home. Great time to pop in it is! Massively looking forward to a new rendition of AC's mind, in wirtten form.

It's a funny thing, the interractive radio theater. I was just debating earlier this week the feasability of an audio "text" adventure.

Speaking of radio theater, any chance you'd have some available spots for an extra, be it for just one line? :mrgreen:
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not bad frank, good try
tex murphy is back in town
Frank does an amazing italian-american stereotypic mafia guy. Top notch.

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It's more of a running gag really. I just like to squeeze the proposal in there, every time such thing comes up :lol:

The rest is true though. I had no idea those two projects were in the work. Anything new radiating from here is like a post-ww3 christmas morning!
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I dont have a question. I just want to point out that I was right :D

But seriously I am very excited that you are going back to the novel format. At this point, I am more excited about that than a new game.
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Good one, Freep. You're the man!
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