Now I know how Moses must have felt

You were right Freep. We were all wrong to doubt you.

Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.
Hurrah! That's all I'm capable of saying while dancing around like a maniac :D
If you can't be good, be careful
Thanks for be willing to answer our questions, Aaron, and for all the juicy information you gave us. This is certainly shaping up to be a great year for Tex fans!

wowwww. this is seriously what's up.

I was even more excited when he said there will be VISUALIZATIONS.

I used to love 'pick your own adventure' when i was young. This I think is an amazing resolution to everything,

I mean to be honest, the games were awesome, and we play them over again because of just how ideal they were between game play and movie sequences, but I bet you there were so many that wanted to just watch the movie sequences out to see the story unfold! haha

So here's my question:

AC you and Chris ever thought about making the entire series into movies?

And then putting them through amateur film festivals like Sundance or South by Southwest. a LOT more easy to deal with in terms of budget perhaps,

Hopefully this get's pitched to some hollywood producers and you guys just forget the whole gaming and go into movies or something.

In the era that "inception" did so well, what about Tex Murphy 6 part movie adventures. Just keep Chris as TEX! The voice overs, the jokes, it would be perfect for movie :)

Thanks again for keeping the whole project alive!
haha also it'll be hard for me to differentiate, in my mind, between the "real" story and the Fan Fiction you guys wrote up.

Now I have to stop and think about it! Because they were so well written I felt like they were part of the story! haha
This is a great idea!!!!
I think there were problems with extracting the video into movies. Someone (and I keep forgetting who but they are a regular here) did make a movie out of Overseer many years ago, with some pictures and text where the story needed to fill in gaps, but I loved their touch of changing George Lucas' 'THX' logo to 'TEX' :lol:
This is what happens when you duck out for two months. As if I didn't feel guilty enough already, now I find I missed out on some excitement! Good news, though. :)
Quick questions for AC...

If and hopefully WHEN you guys make another Tex Murphy game, will it be FMV like the old ones (which i think most people, 99.9% want)? Also, have you guys thought about making a hollywood-esq movie (go to theatres) or even a mini movie either instead or 'for the time being'. I think not only just hearing tex but seeing him in live-action would be more appealing and satisfying to the fans than just the interactive audio adventure (although still cool and i'm not complaining to get that). When you get the book done, how long will it take to get to shelves? will it be sold on amazon or chapters? Is there an official Tex Murphy facebook page? Last question...if and when you do make a new game, hopefully FMV, can i have a cameo? I'll fly down to do it, lol! (I would actually fly down on my own dime and time just to have a cameo spot)

thanx again.
- Menacexp
First of all I have to say that I am very appreciative of your efforts to revive Tex thus far and am EXTREMELY excited to see the coming results! With that out of the way, I would like to ask you if you have ever considered writing a Tex Murphy graphic novel? Or a novel with alternate paths and choices that lead up to different endings like the old Goosebumps books?

Many thanks,
Parker 8)