also known as Emily sue patterson/ Luci-Luv

I was surprised to find that she was 18 when she played in pandora, she is 32 in november.

so she is one of the few that is no too old to be in another tex game.

So does anyone think she looked 18
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Then? No. Now? Yes.

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I think Nicole would love to starred as Emily Sue Patterson again.:)
since she wasn't killed off it could be possible. Interesting also that the part of megan, the voice was from another person
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lol yeah I didn't buy her as 18, more like 26 lol. Seeing her again in the game would depend on how the character evolved, Emily was a gold digger who was just as bad as Regan. I love how in the bad path Tex has the opportunity to have "relations" with her and then cops out of it in his drunken rage lol, its a shame that they included the option to do Regan but not Emily- because we know Tex had a thing for Emily too (hence Chelsea feeling pissed off at Tex because he was taking a good perv lol). Maybe I'm evil but for some reason I just love destroying my fav character's life :D it just makes the character so much more interesting where you can see them from more than one perspective.
I don't think that's fair to call Emily just as bad as Regan. Malloy said he had a good marriage with Emily and thought high enough of her to have her be part of the council for the Pandora Device. Also on Day 4 in Pandora Emily seems genuinely concerned for Malloy's well being.

As to the original question in the post. I assumed Nicole was 21 when she played her, because the game says she's 21 and any age below that is crazy.
I would definitely say Regan was more of a gold digger than Emily.

She did look young but was obviously wearing a ton of make up to look older for the role. She seemed to care more about Malloy than the box. It might because she didn't understand it's technological and financial significance like Regan did.

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well I don't think she was a gold digger either, played the scene after the black arror killer fight on the roof top & tex talking to emily about malloy, listening to her voice she did sound young. Funny how you can miss things even though you have played the game many many times.
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The heck with the character analysis! You should do a Google image search on her. My goodness! :wink: :D

Of course, I'm a dirty old man, so my apologies.
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The thing that doesn't add up though is her attitude with the bad tex path, this is why I say she's a gold digger. Tex even thought it was odd that Malloy would be able to be with someone so young.
I only played that bad path once on purpose & it was so upsetting , don't think I want to travel that path again
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GarySogar wrote:The heck with the character analysis! You should do a Google image search on her. My goodness! :wink: :D

Of course, I'm a dirty old man, so my apologies.

google search already done & bikini didn't interest me
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Well, I think it was Regan who called Emily a gold digger, but Regan is NOT a good source of valuable information.

It's true, many things are uncharacteristic on the Boulevard of broken Dreams path. 1. Tex is WAY out of character as an over-imbibing, selfish, beligerant PI with little concern for anything but his own personal welfare and the bottle of booze he seems to carry with him. 2. Emily is also WAY out of character as she seems to freely flaunt her "sexual wares." 3. Although Gus Leach said he would break the legs of our hero, he seemed to be mostly sporting "hot air" EXCEPT on Path C where he actually tries to rough up Tex. But that only led to Emily's death.

Regan, Cross and the others were in their proper character regardless of the path you are on.

Oh, BTW, Nicole did look older than 18 while playing her role as Emily. And, although I have NOT seen her in a bikini or otherwise, I am in total agreement with the assessment that Gary, indeed, is a dirty old man. Wouldn't have him any other way. :wink:
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Jim the old guy wrote:, I am in total agreement with the assessment that Gary, indeed, is a dirty old man. Wouldn't have him any other way. :wink:

:lol: :lol: :lol:

actually we might see more of her soon,
The Unlikely's comedy movie in production this year, nicole plays the part of Bobby Lee

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