Games of Chance

I was listening to the Radio Theatre the other day and it brought back memories of when it came out - waiting for each subsequent episode to be released. It's interesting hearing the story again and I think I have a better idea now of where it was leading.

I hope Aaron's book is out soon - I'm dying to hear more about what's happening. I love the humour in the stories he writes.
Me too!!!!!
Me three!

My wife isn't a gamer, but I fondly remember that she would make me wait until we could both sit and listen to the episodes. She and I really enjoyed them and can't wait for the next part of the story.
Add me to your waiting list! :)
I regularly listen to the Radio Theater - it's great before bedtime listening, and I'm amazed how I'm always excited to hear it every time still. And, I'm definitely never read to be left with another cliffhanger :P

Cannot wait for the books!

I feel the same way about the radio theater episodes. I literally listen to them at least once a week, and the excitement of listening to them never goes away. Hearing Chris' voice as Tex and just listening to the dialogue with the other characters. Not to mention the great detail of the descriptions of the scenes as they unfold. Just great pieces of audio that I enjoy having on my iPhone and listening to while I'm driving around working. Good stuff.

I love the scenes where Tex is dreaming memories from a past life. And the opening to episode 6, Games of Chance. Epic...truly epic.
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