Pandora Directive in PC Gamer

Scrolled through and didn't see a post on it yet, so... I finally got a chance to thumb through the latest copy of PC Gamer which has been sitting on my desk for a few days, and was pleasantly surprised when I saw an article on The Pandora Directive! It's in a section in the back called "Extra Life" and the writer did a nice job of describing the game. It made me long to crank up my copy of Pandora once again! You know it's a good game when all these years later just the sight of it in a magazine makes you want to play it for the millionth time.
Old SanFrancisco
That's awesome... I haven't gotten around to paging through it yet either, but nice to know there is an Easter Egg in it... ;}
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I would love to read it, I no longer subscribe to the magazine
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