Overseer vs. Mean Streets

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I am largely unfamiliar with Tex Murphy, having first heard of the series about one year ago after discovering GOG. I'm young enough I believe I skipped the whole FMV craze; started gaming with Myst. I have the Pandora Directive but have held off on playing it because I want to play the games in sequence. (In addition I want to save what I hear is the pinnacle for last.)

This said, GOG has a significant holiday sale going on right now and I would like to take the plunge as it sounds a very engaging series. But I'm not sure where to start. I understand Overseer is a remake of Mean Streets with a few changes to the plot. Which might anything think might be the best place to start, if you've played both?
Start with Mean Streets for sure.

It may be hard to get into though... as it is extremely old and you have to type the commands.
If you can stomach this interface, start here.

Martian Memorandum is much better and uses the mouse, but again is old.
I still enjoyed it thoroughly.

You could technically start with Under A Killing Moon and not miss much, this was the breakthrough FMV adventure changing game.

Do not play overseer first though, because it starts with Tex telling the story of Mean Streets. This explains the plot changes as he might not remember everything accurately. It essentially starts after Pandora though and then does flashbacks. This could ruin the introduction of Chelsea and cause some spoilers.
Yeah, I would definitely play them in order. And, if MS and MM are too old school, then start with UAKM, then PD, and finally Overseer.
Thanks for the response. Good to know. I have to say a text based interface doesn't thrill me at least in a graphical game---one of the reasons I haven't yet played many of the early classic Sierra games--but I suppose I'll live with it.

Additionally, I gather from your comment that Overseer is still worth playing for more than just to see a remake of Mean Streets/dedicated fan-ism? Or at least if it starts with a recap of MS I have to assume it does!
yes flick the first 2 & start with UAKM, overseer is actually a remake so you will see the story in overseer.
tex murphy is back in town
Overseer is a remake of MS, but it is definitely worth playing. It picks up where PD leaves off and then tells the MS story through flashback.

I ended up playing MS and MM after I'd played the three FMV games. It was interesting to get more of Tex's background, but nothing in the first two games is essential to understanding or enjoying the three FMV games.
MM is not necessary, but i wouldn't throw it away necessarily. The story was good, in my opinion and does use a mouse interface. Just live the Mean Streets story through the flashbacks of Overseer. I think it is better to get that background after the fact.
I think Martian Memorandum is an excellent game. Great storyline and setting. It came out around the time Total Recall came out and we had this visiting Mars vibe going on back then. Great characters, very cool!

Just wanted to share my opinion.

Thanks for all the advice, folks.

I'll admit, I was hoping to get a good taste of the TM universe before deciding whether or not to buy them all, but despite some initial misgivings I picked up the whole series after watching the intro to UAKM on youtube. This is probably where I will start; I haven't tried Martian Memorandum yet, but twenty years out, I simply can't stand Mean Streets. Maybe I'll have the patience for it after I play a more-readily accessible Murphy adventure. From what little I've seen of the FMV games, I have to say it seems Chris Jones really did a good job with the role--not bad for someone who merely wanted to not have to pay another person, as I've heard.
MS can get a little tedious with the flight simulator part. When I play, I just put it on auto. Unfortunately, it takes a while for the speeder to get where it's going, so I usually read a book or something while it flies.