Attention! Attention!

I didnt either until Chris told me in an email afew months ago. He will be missed.
Tex Murphy: Australia
That is sad news.

I agree that if the project is fmv, then the original actors should be cast when possible.
well according to face book chelsea is willing & able (whip ready also if needed)
tex murphy is back in town
Lets hope many of them can join in. Its Tuesday 7am now and I am off to work. Lets hope I can focus, and not constantly go on the web and check.... Who will be first :D
looks like march 20th will be bigger than kony's april 20th. :P :D hoping to see tex again
"The forces of darkness sleep, but do not die. even now, i sense evil evil about to re-enter the life of our friend, Murphy."
Today's the day! I can't wait to hear what the announcement is.
try 10am mountain time or join us at the chat room
tex murphy is back in town
Where is the chat?
hi Frogacuda
I cant get it to work but heres the post ... 818#p46818

looks like they have tried 3 different chat room,
I have tired them all and there not working for me
The third one is working. But to make it even more stable, if u have an mirc client, just log on to the efnet irc network, and join the channel #texmurphy
Tex Murphy: Australia
There should really be a way to get an alert when this happens.

I think Chris' new business is selling replacement F5 keys.
marso84 wrote:Unfornately Kevin passed away a couple years ago. RIP Mac Malden.
Noooooo, not Mac!!! And just when it seemed he and Tex were finally starting to get along and even develop respect for one another... I suppose he could be recast, but I'm sure going to miss the other Mr. Jones' fun portrayal of him... ;.;

Wait, this doesn't mean Tex will have to deal with Clements again, does it? That is a frightening thought... D:
Is something happening at

The domain did work as a redirection to this board some hours ago but stopped working for me right now. Probably, something will be available on this URL, soon?

Edit: Okay, it's back!
Okay. One more hour and it's Wednesday in Germany. Keep your promise, Tex!

Just kidding. ;) But I really hope I have the chance to know what is going to happen before I have to go to bed.
Sono anni che aspettiamo!!!!