Plan 9 - Finally! An Announcement!

Great news! I will happily give my money to the greatest game creators of all time. I can't really believe we will see a new Tex Murphy game! :D :D
God, this is great! I'll definitely be donating :D
Its great news any ideas yet on how much you guys are shooting for?
Oh my god. Did I just read that? I've been waiting to hear this news since I was 6 friggin' years old! This is INSANE!! Im SO Syked to get a look at that! A lot of really good things to hear, harder to back up though. I guess a fundraiser would definitely be a good way to go. Its better to go big with what is left than to take half-measures.

Great news - now I just need to apply for a credit card from the local electronics store....
Will be happy to go bankrupt to help fund this :)
Tex Murphy: Australia
I never thought I'd see the day - but I am so glad I have. You guys have got a big chunk of my money for sure! Come on May 15th!! :D
And a big thanks to The Unofficial Tex Murphy Website for helping to keep Tex alive.
I am new here but have been lurking, checking tech info and stuff to see how to get the games to run better especially overseer dvd. This is the most awesome thing I have heard in years! Damn right I will be donating. Something in my life to look forward to now. :D
AAAh this is the best news i could ever hope for !!!! im so exited right now :D oh whats this buring sensation in my wallet!?! i would gladley give a truckload for this :D
I have just reserved the German domain before anyone else can grab it. It will forward to the announcement and later to the kickstarter-project, of course...

(and possibly with some special information for German fans that don't have a credit card of how to back)

(CJ and AC, it's your brand, so I happily transfer the domain anytime you want to you, of course!)
Wow this is such awesome news. I've been out the loop a long time. So I actually heard this news down the grapevine. Watching DansGaming on when they mentioned this. They probably had a good few hundred gamers watching at the time, though many hadn't heard of Tex Murphy sadly (but that may change as they plan to broadcast a live playthrough of the series in future). I hope word spreads even further out to gamers! When I heard of all the recent Kickstarter stuff I did think of you guys and wondered if there'd be an opportunity there. I'm glad you thought so too and are going for it! I wish it every success!!

I'll send you an email with some ideas for incentives etc.
(Ruri_Ayanami from the old Tex Murphy ezboard).
"I don't believe in intuition, don't know why... just a feeling." - Tex Murphy
WHOO!! I got so excited, I think I pooped a little. :)

You guys and my wallet (and my dad's lol) have a date on May 15th ;)
I can't wait! :-)

However, I have a little bit of criticism :p

Why make everybody wait 'till May before we can donate? The announcement made quite a buz on social media (twitter etc...), but I'm afraid it might have cooled off by May.

Also, I want a fedora too :-)
Please, take all of my money right now!!! And I mean it!!!

Man, I'm SO going to promote this stuff on my blog. Please, all of you that have blogs, let's promote this stuff as much as we can on May 15!!! Let's make some t-shirts, dance naked on the streets, do whatever it takes to get this game going!!! :mrgreen:
I'm with everyone else, I've been waiting for this for over a decade now ^_^ Tex Murphy is my childhood hero, the man I wanted to emulate, the reason I've always wanted to be a Private Investigator! I would gladly back this project up, easily dropping $100 if that is what it takes for a name in the credits, or $1,000 just to have myself refrenced in the game (seems like a popular option for a lot of gaming projects, and if Project Fedora had it, I'm going for it!), and if I had the money, I would drop $10,000 just to have lunch with the legendary Chris Jones. I can't even explain how excited I am about this (it took a lot of co-workers to get me to speak without being a babbling idiot).