A huge "Thank You!"

Hello FOT,

WOW! Incredible first day! It surpassed my wildest dreams in terms of interest and excitement. We are blown away by people's response and interest in the project. We have the date of May 15 that we are building to, so we need to find any outlet we can to let people know what's going on. Right now, it feels like we have momentum to reach our goal. Again, it's been an incredible day.

Aaron, Adrian and I are so grateful for your loyalty and support. Tip of the Fedora to James LeMosy for keeping the dream alive.

Keep posting on the forums feedback, suggestions, and ideas for the new Tex game. We value your ideas and feedback.

By Adrian you mean Adrian Carr? I didn't dare to ask whether he will be on board as he's in Australia, as far as I know. If he is, than this is my personal news of the day!

I hope he's able to do the Kickstarter pitch video for you guys (don't forget: an emotional and thrilling video is one of the the most important aspect to get people to donate!)

All thanks to you and keep on posting updates and I'm sure every Tex fan here tries to raise and keep the momentum until May as well! :-)

I'm so excited. We have nearly 100 news comments already just for the newsposts on our page Adventure-Treff.de and so far, over 80% of our readers in our current poll consider backing.

Let get the bird flying! Flying high!
it might be cool to ask Tim Schafer to do little cameo in the kickstarter video, even a testimonial one (if he played Tex games, of course)
how`s `bout that? maybe giving him a hint through twitter?
Thank you too Chris! We're so glad that you're able to not only bring Tex back, but that you'll BE Tex once again! I'll try and spread the word as much as I can.
basti wrote:an emotional and thrilling video is one of the the most important aspect to get people to donate!
Agreed! This can't be stressed enough. I think one of the biggest reasons why Double Fine made over 3 million was not only because of Tim Schafer, but also because the Kickstarter video was absolutely hilarious, well-scripted, interesting, and just plain awesome. Before watching the video, I was just curious as to what this fund what all about, but by the time I finished watching it, I decided that I HAD to donate.

With the minds of Chris, Aaron, and Adrian, I'm confident that they'll be able to pull off an even better Kickstarter video than Tim Schafer. It will be quite a feat, but I'm sure they can do it.

Maybe the theme of the video could start out with Tex's homeless days of living in a dumpster (confirmed in an Overseer flashback where Tex meets Chelsee). Just an idea.
The first video was FUNNY, do you know how good it feels to have a FUNNY video from Tim Schafer and Chris Jones? This year is just awesome.

The only thing I don't think Tim did perfect was having his Kickstarter tier's planned well, I don't think he expected the success and kind of scrambled to get some more things up, if he had a few more tiers/options/merch from the start I think he could have cleaned up even more, so just remember you are going to have some SERIOUS fan boy'ness on your hands so prepare your reward tiers!

I'm sure I don't just speak for myself when I say I feel more personally "invested" in bringing a new Tex game to light then even a new Tim Schafer game, I think this is due to Tex being a series and me just really LIKING the Tex character and being invested in that.

Tex Murphy helped introduce me to dry sarcastic comedy as a kid, I'm not kidding when I say that playing Under a Killing Moon and The Pandora Directive directly led into me liking my other favorite comedy media like Mr Show with Bob and David, Monty Python, alternative comedians, mocumentarys, etc, that actually all does stem back to my playing Under a Killing Moon on my Packard Bell and laughing my ass off while bring wrapped up in the story and has shaped what I like in terms of funny and my life in general as weird as that sounds.

We are so excited for this Kickstarter, please take feedback from us and have some cool tiers ready, I will post some ideas in the right thread :-)

Thanks for doing this, isn't it funny you have full screen interactive full motion video in 1994 and we had to wait for FUNDING technology to catch up?
Thank you Chris. 1st of course for taking the chance to bring Tex back, and for taking the time to share information and progress here.

Basti, I believe that Adrian resides in So Cal, so his involvement is entirely possible and is a perfect choice to guide the actors again.

Thanks again.
Jen, thanks for the info. This is a dream come true. Give me some cameos of the old crew in the videos and I'll cry like a small girl!

And the Tim Schafer cameo would be awesome, that's right! ("I'm Tim Schafer, and I approve this kickstarter project."? Hilarious!)
I accept your thanks gracefully.
Travis Jacobs

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This whole thing is reminding me of a scene from The Blues Brothers where the band members themselves are handing out pamphlets and driving around with a huge megaphone attached to the roof of their car, advertising their concert almost literally off their own backs. Let's hope for a packed house!

Suggestion: in an attempt to further boost curiosity about Tex, is there any time prior to the launch to get a tablet port of at least the existing Tex games or even 3 Cards happening given the mass shift to mobile gaming? This will boost awareness of the company and their library of games.
I think a Tex app would be cool - wallpapers, sounds and that kind of stuff. The 'oh boy mail' is a great soundbite already, but a 'tex' message would be something fun to add to it.
If we're the FoT, then that makes you guys CoT. The 'C' is for 'Creators'.

And thank you for working so hard on our (that's both yours and ours) behalf on this.

It is much appreciated.

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As a massive Tex Murphy fan, I just wanted to put this out there…

I would be willing to put together a free Mobile/Tablet Tex Murphy fan app or even a small 3D simple game based on Tex to help with the kick-starter launch.

I am an established mobile dev ( three years ) and PC/Mac dev since 1999 but would be willing to give up my spare time to do something ( app-wise ) to help etc.

The problem: I would not even attempt something like this without an official "Go for it" from Chris etc, for risk of copyright infringement etc, but if the admin wants to get in contact ( to also see what games we have produced/ profile ) please get in touch. Better hurry though as May 15th is nearing.

Something simple-ish, If wanted, I could have out before the kick-starter launch, on these platforms:

Android phones/Tabs
BlackBerry Playbook
Kindle Fire

This would all be my own free time/non profit etc and just to help out.
If interested, get in touch :)
lab695 wrote:The problem: I would not even attempt something like this without an official "Go for it" from Chris etc, for risk of copyright infringement etc, but if the admin wants to get in contact ( to also see what games we have produced/ profile ) please get in touch. Better hurry though as May 15th is nearing.
Hi lab695, if you haven't already, please send a message to the team through the Big Finish site. They have a special dropdown option on their Contact page regarding the Kickstarter Project.
I got a friendly reply regarding my Kickstarter incentives suggestions so hopefully someone will get back to you regarding your advertising suggestion through there. Also if you complete the app, can it be ported to Flash format for the web? I'd be up for distributing it across various Flash games sites if given a SWF file.
(Ruri_Ayanami from the old Tex Murphy ezboard).
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I tried to promote and increase awareness with a live Let's Play of the first two days of Pandora Directive over at the Starmen.Net/Fangamer community...but apparently, my audio was all muddy. :(

Oh well, now that I've addressed the audio problem, I'll probably give it another go. Gotta spread the love of the series!

Tangentially, the folks over at Fangamer do some great work; if you need merchandising, they specialize in classic and cult game goods -- seems like a perfect match.
To help out, I've made a list of people to contact to see if they can help out with promotions:

The guys at Roosterteeth.com
Ain't It Cool News.com
Double Fine.com
Quantic Dream
Rockstar Studios
Telltale Games
Mc Chris
And the guys at the "Up At Noon" Youtube website
Possibly Robert Kirkman

I'm going to be writing all of these guys, sending them some of the promos I've done, and the announcement trailer BF did. Hoping for the best, and possibly a reply.
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