Request: Overseer music track.

I worked for a computer store at the time that Overseer was released. We were given a bunch of copies of the soundtrack to give away to customers. I ended up with a few of them. I haven't seen them in a while, I wonder if I still have any of them.

It was this one here... ... erseer.htm
FYI: there were, in reality, two different soundtracks released....sort of. I have 6 copies WITH the "bonus screensaver" and one without the screensaver; at least that is what it says on the cover. I also have a VERY rare Richie Havens CD with only 3 tracks on it: 1. Trying to Try; 2. Slow Down; 3. Tex's Lament. It was originally released by Access and is titled "Tex Murphy Overseer" by Richie Havens. I know there are a few (very few) others who have this CD and if they are like me, it is considered a precious gem.

BTW, I would be willing to part with a few of the Screensaver soundtrack CDs simply for the cost of postage (I will ship anywhere in the world and beyond for my friends at UOTM). Send me a PM with name and address and I will find out the cost and get back with you.
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yeah the cd I uploaded for cub was the one that included the screensaver
tex murphy is back in town