Radio Theater - Season One

That was one thing I wanted too :cry: =(

the radio theater....
James LeMosy wrote:Slow but steady! :) It's my goal to have the new site ready in time for the new game – so still a little ways off, yet, but definitely making progress.
But the new game won't be out until the 2nd half of 2013! :D :D
Frogacuda wrote:Yeah, and it's really only because people gave such ridiculous amounts that it succeeded. 7,000 people just wouldn't cut it otherwise. So yeah, it's worth it. I still hope they sell Season 2 a la carte after the fact, though :p
I've been looking at my budget this year, and I can say pragmatically that what I gave to the Kickstarter and spent on ads for it... wasn't smart. But I was thinking with my heart and not my head. I'm so happy this game is getting made. Totally worth it.