Radio Theater - Season One

Hey Gang!

Just popping in to let you know that I've just updated the Radio Theater case file page with an MP3 file that consolidates all of "Season One" into one audio file – courtesy of our friends at Big Finish Games.

"Season Two," containing 6 all-new episodes, is on the horizon as part of the 'Project Fedora' Kickstarter/PayPal rewards, so now is a good time to revisit this first piece of the puzzle surrounding the fate of Tex and Chelsee!
thanks james
tex murphy is back in town
That's awesome new James. Thank you.

Once you start down the dark path, forever will it dominate your destiny.
I am REALLY looking forward to this - I remember the days of checking my computer for when the next episode came out, and sitting in the living room listening to it, like those in the 30s must have done with their radios.
This is great news. Thanks, James!

My wife (who is not a gamer at all) and I both loved Season One. I have the entire season on my ipod right now. I can't wait for Season Two.
EXCELLENT. Thanks, man.
Thanks James! Season 2... one on a list of many things I am looking forward to!
How is the new website coming along, James?
Thanks James for putting it up for your fellow TM fans.
The fact that Season 2 was locked away at such a high tier makes me sad. It's the one thing from the higher tiers I really wanted but couldn't afford. I already spent more on this than I've ever spent on a game, cut me a break guys :(

I'm hoping they release it to the public after a certain exclusivity period or something. Although some backers might be raw about that if they pledged the $188.
I hear you about the price. I spent 5x as much as I've ever spent on a single game before. I justified it to myself by saying it was for both me and my wife :D
I mean it was to bring back Tex Murphy. For real. The right way. Obviously it was worth it. And I'm sure the $188 would be worth it too, but I just don't have it.
I think we all spend more than ever before, but I was investing in the future for tex to have one last dance at least, & the hope for a couple more.
tex murphy is back in town
Yeah, and it's really only because people gave such ridiculous amounts that it succeeded. 7,000 people just wouldn't cut it otherwise. So yeah, it's worth it. I still hope they sell Season 2 a la carte after the fact, though :p
Frogacuda, no need to feel bad about not being able to contribute more. You gave what you can (and maybe a bit more). We've all been there (well almost all of us anyway). If my higher donation, along with a lot of others, helps make it so you can enjoy the game too, I'm very happy with that.
redcat72 wrote:How is the new website coming along, James?
Slow but steady! :) It's my goal to have the new site ready in time for the new game – so still a little ways off, yet, but definitely making progress.