Texture Murphy Overseer

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First off you should check out http://www.gigasize.com. This is a place where you can upload large file sizes that currently blow this site out of the water. However the downside is if you're not a premium member, the files don't last forever. (I will be looking into becoming one.)
I followed the instructions, started a new game and quickly made my way to Linsky's House to check out the new textures. Pretty wild. Good Job. Should make my next play through a little more surprising.
For the untech-savvy folks would someone consider doing a you-tube walk through???
Some screenshots would be nice, for the lazy.
@Stanny - Thanks for the compliment.

@Jen - Right now, I think it would be better for someone else to do Texture on YouTube. So I'm out for that on the time being, but I realize that question wasn't aimed specifically for me.

@Frogacuda - You want screenshots you got them.


This is the textures from Tex's Office being put on Bosworth Clark's lab. Got to love those tape measures.


This is the Law and Order Men's room and I believe the enlarged picture on the floor is of Humphrey Bogart.