Pandora Directive in single jewel case

Hi all,
I'm going to buy a boxed copy of TPD for my collection and I have something to ask you. I've found a seller, he has a copy of TPD that has all 6 cd's in a SINGLE jewel case. In every other copy I've seen before, there were 2 jewel cases (one for cds 1-3 and one for cds 4-6).

This big single jewel case has the "Disks 1-3" inlay cover on the front and the "Disks 4-6" inlay over on the back. The cardboard game box is just like the american box but with an added "Distribute by Virgin Interactive Entertainment (Europe) Ltd." sticker.
Can someone confirm if the single jewel case is original or if it's an handmade replacement? I'm a collector so I don't like to have games with non-original content.

Thank you :)
My European edition came in the same jewel case, back in 1996; so it sounds authentic.