The Pandora Directive Novel

I have never had the chance to read the novel is it any different from the game?
UAKM novel is different from the game as it was written after the game & Pandora novel was the script for the game
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There are some differences, though the overall plot is mostly the same. It does delve deeper into the story in some areas and reveals some things that weren't made clear in the game. One in particular involves the recipients of the puzzle boxes.

There are also smaller differences like Lucia Pernell being a man named Lucas Pernell.

It's worth a read regardless.
If anyone here has NOT read the Pandora screenplay, (titled A Black Sun Ascending) I highly suggest that you do. It is uploaded to Aaron's web site for free as a PDF.

Check it out!
Thank`s For The Link, Awesome.
I believe you may still get the chance of buying the novel 2nd hand on sites like eBay, Amazon etc. if you are interested...
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At 1 cent in used condition, no one has an excuse not to own this book! ... +directive
I have it in PDF. [email protected]
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Just finished listening to the audio version I received for donating to project Fedora. Having Chris read it was awesome!!!! I was surprised to hear that Archie Ellis got shot in the head as I know he is in the new game.