Martian Memorandum Deluxe

Downloaded this and wanted to try it.

I understand that the author does not want to give spoilers, but could someone who has played it at least tell me how far into the game I have to get before I find out whether or not it's working?

Also, I can't help but be curious as to how it interacts with DosBox. It's clearly a Windows window that comes up, so how does it alter anything if the MM.EXE is running under DosBox?

Not too long. I believe one of the things I did was add Stacy to Tex's Ask About list after you pick up the comlink. I really haven't heard too much in the way in feedback so I don't know who all has played it.

As to your second question, since I don't know how Dosbox works I can't tell you the nuts and bolts. If you can't get the utility working you may have to try different DosBox cycles as the utility may be cycle sensitive.
I've installed the Gog version of Martian Memorandum and placed Martian Memorandum Deluxe.exe (a 39K file) in the C:\Program Files (x86)\\Tex Murphy 1 and 2\Martian Memorandum folder.

I then double-clicked the EXE, clicked the button and observed the caption of the button changing to a disabled "Code Active".

I double-clicked the Gog-provided icon to launch Martian Memorandum.

I pick up the comlink and talk to Stacy, then I click Use and choose the comlink.

Stacy is not appearing in the list of choices.

Any ideas?

Try DosBox 0.73 4000 Cycles and get back to me.
DosBox .73 4000 cycles is what's set up by Gog by default and therefore what I use.

Does it matter from what folder I run Martian Memorandum Deluxe.exe?

Do I run it first and *then* launch DosBox?
I would run the game first and then click the button on my app once you're in Tex's office and leave it on while you play. Maybe also try all the different cycles if that doesn't work. I may test this out myself shortly.
Hi, sorry it took me so long to respond I got pulled into a million directions.

I had previously been trying to run this on my Windows 7 x64 laptop, and wanted to try it on my 7-year-old Windows XP desktop machine at home.

I downloaded and installed the GOG version of TM 1&2, tested it to make sure it worked (it seems to), downloaded your EXE into the same folder as the "Launch Tex Murphy 2 - Martian Memorandum" shortcut.

I tried it both ways - running your exe first then running MM, then running MM, going to Tex's office and then running your EXE.

In neither case does Stacy come up as an option when I ask about her on the comlink.

If you could please test this out I'd really appreciate it because, as you can tell, I REALLY WANT TO PLAY THIS!!!!! :).

I have one other idea. I just noticed Gog updated their .exes for Tex and other games and that could be the culprit. I think you want the silhouette .exe and not the circles. That's the problem with external programs, they're dependent on memory addresses being the same. I could possibly do another program sometime, but to be honest you're not missing out on much. I think I only changed code in about 5 instances.