Have you found your photo in Tesla yet?

Haha. We are a wacky bunch aren't we? :)

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Joel wrote:Avatar Photos.
Still not helping :lol:
Joel wrote:Ahhahha

No, the photo you now see is me. See how much confusion Sam has caused?
Yes I know :) Was referring to your previous visage. Trust me, Oasis songs were ubiquitous in the Students' Union...
"It's a three-sixty! *CRUNCH*....He's fouled..."
Which is fitting as Oasis is ubiquitous on my iPod while at Uni :) Some traditions never die.
All this talk of your photos in the game. Well, at least I have a mention in the credits. *sigh* ;)
I finally found me! I am a Tesla Society Employee of the Year! Frankie says "Relax and wear a Hawaiian shirt". Too awesome! That's gonna be my new signature here. :)
"Frankie says 'Relax and wear a Hawaiian shirt' ". --Tex Murphy, PI
Thaurin wrote:All this talk of your photos in the game. Well, at least I have a mention in the credits. *sigh* ;)
I don't think you're missing out on much if you went with the $160 tier. To be completely honest, my initial reaction was disappointment when I found dozens of pictures, including my own, in the School for Savants. The quotes are great, but over the past year I had built up a certain expectation in my mind that all of our pictures would be scattered throughout the entire game and that they would be more tied into the flow of the game rather than being lumped together into larger side diversions in the form of a couple first-person perspective photo albums. At least I'm in good company in the savant school.

My wife also liked the quotes and thought it was awesome seeing the pictures in the game, even though she did question the entertainment value of a game in which you roam around (aimlessly, to her) in a 3D world clicking on things and watching what are basically video clips from a movie. I think her exact words were something like, "So that's the game? You just click on things and watch videos?" She'd rather just watch it seamlessly as a feature-length movie, without all the hard work!

Getting to the bigger picture: Yes, I found my photo and I liked Tex's comment. Yeah, I'm still disappointed at how the majority of photos were incorporated; but creating a new Tex adventure in the first place was no small feat, so any disappointment over the photos is just being a little nitpicky in the grand scheme of things.
Hey guys. I just wanted to post a video of my photo that I found at the old tenure school.

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@intelligen: have to agree with you there. That's why I specifically submitted a photo of me in front of Coit Tower, to make it seem not out of place within the game. Now it just seems out of place on a wall of employees in an abandoned building.
This bohemian photo-bombed Coit Tower's selfie.
Sowden, a US Senator? Sure you want to be lumped in with those slimeballs? Well, at least your mugshot fits the demographic! :)

eh just teasing..rereading my post makes me think I was a bit much there.
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In the Savant school (I know it's late, but I wrote it down now in my second playtrough) :D