Who has read the TE novel?

I would love to discuss it with you. Did you like it? Did you enjoy the differences between it and the game? Have any concerns about future games if based on the particular ending of this novel? Isn't Aaron a great writer?
I read it and LOVED it. The book makes a more logical progression of events and gives some more explanation. It was to be expected, as Aaron is a great writer and it is easier to get everything right in a book than in an interactive, multiple paths and endings game.

As with the UaKM book, it lacks some of the gags (not suitable for a novel), but creates a great atmosphere and keeps you reading and reading. It also has Tex Murphy's voice, he is as present in the book than in the game, in some aspects even more.

I haven't got all the game endings yet, but I think the one in the book is perfect and lets you wanting to know more of the past and the future of Tex Murphy. Let's hope the books are successful enough to justify writing more!
I like the expanded role Taylor plays in the book. It's more of what I expect from her character and just reinforces for me that she'd be a perfect partner for Tex. I also like that Tex tries to make reparation for his past, albeit forgotten, misdeeds by giving Chelsee his car and most of his money for her charitable work. He does have a way to make the money back, but legitimately now. I can see future Tex stories coming out of this.
I see two possible paths for Tex that stem from what I read. However, I think Mr. Conners is looking to surprise the readers a bit as well as stay true to the developed character. So if neither of my thoughts are where he's taking Tex, that means a totally new and undiscussed story would be developed. Conjecture only, but it's my opinion.
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
Brilliant ebook, but let's face it, Aaron is a great writer. I'm waiting in anticipation of the paperback any day now....
One thing I did notice about the UAKM and, especially, PD novels is that there is a fair number of typos. In fact, in the PD novel, there are places where the text is so garbled it's hard to even figure out what it's supposed to say. It was almost as if the PD book had been scanned and OCR'd, then the person started to correct the digital version but got tired of making corrections so pretty much gave up for the last 1/3 of the book.

I still enjoyed the books, but the typos were a bit of a distraction.