Tesla Effect book -- Aaron Conners

Thanks for taking care of the dedication and signature for my book!
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Ditto from TOG
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I too thank you, Aaron. I might be the only one with a dedication in spanish (wonderful book, by the way)
My pleasure!

Glad to hear you enjoyed the book, Ruben. If you get a chance, I'm encouraging everyone to go to Amazon.com and write a review (you can do it even if you didn't buy the book there). The more reviews, the more exposure we'll get. :-)

Thanks again for all the support!

I have writen the review (I had already done it on amazon.es, didn't know I could write it in amazon.com too).

I wait for the UaKM and PD updated novels, hope they do well and we get more!
Hi Aaron. I'm old enough that I've started getting rid of things, so I didn't order a hardcopy of the book, but I did order it for my Kindle.

I did enjoy it very much. In particular, I thought the resolution of the Tex-Chelsee situation was well handled. I think that path should be canon for the games as well.

I hadn't thought about writing a review, but I think I will do that as soon as I have a little more time to devote to it.
I've just noticed that the review I made a while ago is on amazon.co.uk (and it seems to be the only UK review at the moment). Hopefully the review appears across the pond in the US as well.
I will echo the thanks too. I'm slowly working my way through the book. Very good so far.
When will the old books get re-released? :shock:

First post :mrgreen:
any day now
tex murphy is back in town
Hey all,

I just wanted to pop in and give an update on the new editions of my two previous novels.

They're FINALLY done! Getting them finished took a bit longer than anticipated, but I wanted to make sure they were as ship-shape as possible.

They've been submitted for publication to Amazon and Kindle and should be available there sometime this weekend.

For anyone who'd like signed copies, we're currently setting up my website (aaronconners.net) so you can order any or all of the three books from there. It should be ready to go later this weekend, Monday at the latest.

As a reminder, if you live OUTSIDE THE U.S., you'll need to send us an email through the website and provide your shipping address so we can figure out the shipping costs. Unlike orders within the U.S., we can't provide a flat rate for international shipping. Instructions are on the website.

I just ordered a bunch of paperbacks , which will be shipped to me so I can sign them. It takes about a week for shipment. After that, we'll start filling orders!

For Kickstarter contributors who will get the new editions as rewards, I'll be taking those copies to Salt Lake City in two weeks, where Chris Jones and I will sign them and Big Finish Games will send them out.

Everyone who has read the new editions is saying that they're even better than the originals. I hope you all agree!

And one final note: I've already begun work on two new novels. One begins at the end of The Pandora Directive and tells of Tex's adventures in that "lost" period between 2043 and 2050. This story will only be told in the novel, not in a game. The second book, of course, will be the grand finale of the Tex Murphy saga. Hopefully that one will be adapted into a game. Fingers crossed!

Thanks again for all your support,

And one more thing...

I've been asked if I have plans to offer the three novels as a bundle. I'm not at the moment, because I envision a five-book series. When the last two novels are written, I'll decide if I want to do a deluxe version of the full series.

thanks aaron for the update
tex murphy is back in town
Awesome! I'll be buying these ones on Amazon. I still have the original paperbacks.

I'm almost done the Tesla novel and it's quite good. There are a few things from the game I wish were handled a bit more like the novel (Smart Alex ;) ).

Can't wait I read the two new novels, but I'll hold off on the grand finale until we see if there is a game. Here's hoping!
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