Any word on game sales??

I was just curious to see how Tesla has been selling for the past couple months now?? I know the next game depends on sales since they've said they're not going to do another kickstarter. Also, any word on when all the stuff from the kickstarter is going to be shipped?? I can't wait for my Fedora!!
They're working hard on getting all the physical rewards and everything else sorted - it will be worth the wait!

As for game sales, personally I think that's something we shouldn't know. We want it to do well but we don't need to know anything more than that we enjoy it, and hope that others will do too.
Would be interested to know how it sold in relation to the previous titles though, or at least whether it met their sales expectations from non-kickstarter sales. A 50%-75% sale on Steam/GOG is always a good way to move units as well which they haven't done yet.
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I'm not sure I agree that we shouldn't know. We backed this project - we're investors. Sure, we got our copies of the game, and presumably will get the various rewards, but we're still investors. In most investment situations the investors get to know how well their investment is doing.
Well, investors get to know because they are generally entitled to a return if their investment is performing well. We're not. I don't think it's a good analogy.

That said, I think it would be good to get an idea of how well it is doing. I don't want or expect exact sales figures. Number of units or just a generally "better than expected"/"worse than expected" would be enough. We are the fans and have a strong interest to know how well this is doing. It needs to be addressed somehow.