Throwback Thursday: An Interesting Find

Back in the days of old, before Overseer yet after TPD, I had a small presence on the web dedicated to Tex. A website I called The Ritz Hotel. When perusing my hard drive the other day I stumbled across a backup I must have made all those years ago that I never even realised I had. So I've made some small adjustments to it, to adjust for todays larger monitors (800x600 was where it worked best) and I've uploaded it to my university space if anyone's interested.

But here's the kicker. All that time ago I received a cassette tape from a company called DSP Audio that was creating an audio dramatization of The Pandora Directive. The tape had an interview with Aaron Conners, an interview with Tony Poser who was playing Tex, and a small sample of the finished product.

I dubbed the cassette to CD many years ago, but as far as I knew it was lost to the ages. When looking through the site I thought I only had the audio sample from the dramatization, but when looking into the folders, I discovered that I did indeed still have the interviews. Granted, they were converted from their original WAV's on the CD to RealPlayer format (back then, storage space was incredibly limited on web hosting facilities) which means the quality is not that great, but as far as lost treasures go, I'm absolutely stoked that I stumbled across this stuff.

They can be downloaded from the TPD subsection of the DOWNLOADS page.

The site is as it was nearly 15 years ago. All HTML, probably busted links, still has a guestbook that probably links to a site that's been dead for years, remember webrings???, and my contact details still include my ICQ #.

Hope you guys that might have visited the site once upon a time get a kick out of it.

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I think I remember seeing this place. It's been so long ago. Wonder if I had ever posted there...It's fascinating how we find these things after so much time has passed. Thank you for posting this!
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
Interesting interview, thank you :)

Aaron gives a hint of two parallel stories, and one of them is probably Tesla Effect. Now, I know the awsome new game (and novel) is only part of the picture. I think we will here more of Donelly in the future, and of course there is the seven years memmory gap to be filled.

I hope at least the new season of Radio Theater comes soon. In the meantime, I will have to play all the paths and get the endings (I got petrified forest in my only playthrough)
OK guys, did anyone else notice that the links in the Downloads section that lead to Microsoft actually STILL WORK!!!??? :shock:
I just perused the Microsoft FTP site and yep, the patches and Pandora Trailer are indeed still there. Amazing. I was surprised to see that Webring and ICQ still existed. For me, this has been like a digital time capsule.
This bohemian photo-bombed Coit Tower's selfie.
ICQ? Oh, man....that was so long ago....I did use icq back then too.
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
Yeah, I used ICQ way back when too - wasn't aware they still exist.