Spade And Marlowe Scale Of Privite Eye Intelligence


After playing/finishing two complete play through of the game of TE and experience two endings, I still have nonsense questions niggling in the back of my PI brain. (Every case always has its loose ends.) Some explaining is needed ...

1) The "Spade And Marlowe Scale Of Privite Eye Intelligence" has 9 separate levels. The possible levels run from 'Canary' to 'Hard-Boiled Private Eye.' Is it possible to successfully end TE on a level of Canary? If so how?

2) Just what is the 'Tesla Effect?' Not the game. The Tesla _effect_?

Ema Nymton

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The most common definition of the Tesla Effect I've heard of is the ability to draw energy from the fabric of space itself - using so-called zero point energy. The idea is that there is energy absolutely everywhere - that there is no such thing as empty space. If you can tap into this energy you could effectively have a free energy system that costs nothing to run.
You should look int the electric universe.

If you want to dive into such topics, I strongly suggest googling Suspicious0bserver, and the Thunderbolts Project. Two separate entities. However, the underlying aspect is that science, as we know it and have been spoonfed by the cookie cutter public education system, is very flawed and we need to approach this at a different level. Specifically, a solar level, and not at our microspace that is the little old Earth.

Energy does surround us, and I'm not talking spiritual hokey crap that frauds like to spout. Don't bellieve it? Look up sprites in the atmosphere. It's energy from space beyond our atmosphere clashing with it. Gives us electricity from no where that we can explain with our standard science information.

There is so very much more I could go into, but to tie it in with your question regarding Tesla Effect, I think the ole boy figured this out, but since he was in an era so far behind what Tesla's ability to comprehend..There really weren't alot of words to explain it well in laymans terms. He was attempting to harness what really is there, and it scared the hell out of misunderstnding people. Plus the wealthy and powerful people weren't going to allow him to give away anything they could financially gain from.

Please look into the above references. I think it will be a bit enlightening.
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I can't really attest to the veracity of the zero-point energy claims - I have never seen such a device in action in person, nor built one myself. Given the extraordinary nature of the claims I think I would have to actually build one to be fully convinced. However, I have very little trouble believing that there is energy everywhere. After all, something is making up that huge part of the universe we can't so far detect.
To address the first question. It is very possible to complete TE and get the level canary. That's how I ended my first play through. How to do it? EASY!!! Just die a lot and skip puzzles. Worked like a charm! :wink: