New video by BFG about FMV game of the year

It's fun to watch: ...
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
Points to the people who recognize the music.

Here's a hint: It's spliced together from two separate songs.
Pirates, vampires, zombies, ninjas, ghouls, aliens, goblins, monsters, robots, sorcerers, undead, werewolves, demons, mutated dinosaur-cyborgs and those pesky phone salesmen! The shotgun is a one-size-fits-all solution!
Ok, I can't name of the songs, but I'll have nightmares of the BeeGees and Abba tonight.
That's. For. Damned. Sure.

Fred, is it 70's disco or really bad 80's remakes of the 70's disco? Cause I'm getting a Petshop Boys vibe here.
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
What are the Petshop Boys??
Maybe I have their name mixed up? But I thought it was one of those 80's bands that was just two guys and they did more talking than singing, I think.

Any way it's cut, I never did like them. It's about that time, in my herstory, that I got turned on by Def Leppard and promptly dumped pop music for guitar riffs.
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.