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The Tex Murphy games are a complete package of puzzles. But as I work my way through TE for another round of fun, travel, and adventure; I realize there are parts of the game that do not have to be visited, to be able to solve the final game solution. (One does not have to visit the cabin in the mountains to collect clues to make it successfully to the end of "Pandora Directive" game.)

Working my way through TE for at least the third time, I am wondering - does one have to visit the Llama Club to collect clues? It seems to me that beyond learning Tex's mastery of the golf club, one gets nothing from visiting the Llama Club. Right?

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I'm not aware of any game-related reason to visit the Llama club. My own feeling is that it was supposed to be where players would go to play the golf simulator that was supposed to be included with TE. Unfortunately, BFG was unable to keep that promise, so the Llama Club became sort of superfluous.
I think the Llama club was just put in for fun. The look on Tex's face, about to get beaned by a ball, is priceless.

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It sort of works as a red herring. In this game, everything matters, and everything fits into place. The Llama club is one of the few things that doesn't. Which is fine.