Tesla Effect in Humble Jumbo Bundle 3

Well... it's a bittersweet day. Tesla Effect is in the Humble Bundle for the next two weeks for as little as $1.

It should expose the game to a lot of players, but I'm guessing Big Finish is going to see $0.25 on average for each purchase. It will flood the market with cheap copies and the game will probably not sell well again.

And I don't really play most games I get through Humble Bundle... so I'm not sure how much that first bit is even true.
Gur, Gur bëhet mur.
True, but if they can show the number of sales made overall, it may encourage a financier to sit up and look at how many copies were shift, not at the price.

If they see the potential from sales figures, it might see another return of Tex - and that would be awesome.
We did get a cute chibi Tex for it, though!