How do I transfer my Tesla saved game from Windows to Mac?

I started playing Tesla Effect on a PC laptop but now have a Mac. I have a backup of the old laptop. Where do I find the saved games, and where should I put them on the Mac in order to pick up where I left off?
Do you mean running the games in Boot Camp or Parallels or something similar, or do you mean running the game based on the Mac version of the game?
I started playing on a Windows laptop but later I switched to running the Mac version on Mac OS (not in a VM or in Windows). In any case, I found my answer on a Steam forum.

Windows: %APPDATA%\BigFinishGames\TeslaEffect
Mac OS: /Users/$USERNAME/Library/Application Support/<TeslaEffect>/BigFinishGames/TeslaEffect

Note that I had to cd to the Mac OS directory from the terminal and copy the files from the desktop/flash drive using the terminal because the Library directory wasn't visible in Finder when I went to my home directory.