Save messages in Tesla Effect

Hi everybody,

I have a question concerning these seemlingly omnipresent save messages that assure me after every tiny action that my game has been saved... Am I the only one to find them extremely annoying? I just can't understand how such a enjoyable game can be pestered with these anti-immersive messages.
Does anybody know if there is a way to deactivate these? My own little "workaround" consists in covering the upper left bit of my monitor with a piece of cardboard... not elegant, but it works...
I think you are somewhat alone in feeling that way. I'm sure some people find it a bit annoying, but your's is the strongest reaction I've heard of.
I find them annoying too. They are smaller the higher resolution you play in.

In the upcoming VR version of the game, you can disable them. I know it to be a setting that only works when VR is enabled, however.
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