Mean Streets (again)

I was playing Mean Streets (PC) again this weekend for the first time in ages and wondered if anyone knows any hidden easter eggs in the game.

With all the freedom to ask anyone just about anything, I tried asking people about "Chris Jones" or anything else I could think of and got nowhere.

These guys must have hidden something in there! Anyone know?

By the way, I'm fully aware of how dead this place has been lately and don't expect any response to my post, at which point I will just respond to myself and keep this thread alive with complete absurdity.

Starting to feel like ghost town around here...
Well, Tuco. There is only so much chandler and I can do to stir things up. If it helps, I can start posting pictures of my Star Wars costume builds(Leia Ewok Village Dress and the Zam Wesell bounty hunter) and the pictures I took of my kids as Tex Murphy. I can put captions on them too. Nothing sappy mind you, because I don't roll like that.

After a while though, someone is going to start begging me to quit it. Or threaten to ban me.
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
I have the Commodore 64 version of Mean Streets but haven't really played it yet. Been procrastinating it a while. There is a LOT of loading in the game. Maybe I'll play it this summer. I'll let you know if I come across something in it.