Anyone got a clue when the audiobooks will be done?

I heard on a grapevine that there have been a series of unfortunate events, hence a delay. But an update may be in order. I'd sure like to have those books to listen to while I'm pulling garden weeds and running the neighborhood.
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
Unfortunate events???? Such as.....
Well, for one I heard they had to re-record some of it.
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
That's unfortunate.
Hey all,

The audio books are in post-production hell. I paid some people to finalize them and it's been one delay after another. Unfortunately, I'm not an audio designer, or I'd do it myself. I can't apologize enough for the absurdly long delay, but I've been assured that they will be ready "any day now".

As for the personal issues that caused the initial delays, that's another story, which I'll share sometime down the road. (Hint: It will be in a book.)

I hope whoever reads this is doing well. It's been a long time since I posted, but it will not be the last! In fact, I will be working on a future Tex novel this weekend. So, there's that...
Thanks for the update Aaron. I hope the personal issues are now well in hand and life is back to something resembling normalcy.

Also, sorry to hear about the post-production issues. I hope those get resolved soon as well.
We know how to wait, but thanks for the update. I hope you have a good time with our beloved pal this weekend. Of course, I will buy any book you publish, as you are the greatest living writer in my humble opinion. And I really like Moorcock, for example :)

I hope everything is going better now and that we can hear more from you in the near future.
Oh, yeay! Thanks for the update, AC.

One of my favorite authors often shares the inner workings of dealing with the editors and publishers. Sometimes, it's a piece of cake and other times, she'd wonder if she was in a bonus level circle of hell. Delays happen.

It is good to get news though.
One Mean, Green-Eyed Fitch.
Will chris jones be playing the voice of tex murphy?
The audiobooks...? Oh, yeah! Those! That's something to look forward to. Thanks for the update.
It seems I forgot to follow up on this thread and let everyone know that audio books are now available.

I am a terrible self-promoter.
AC wrote:I am a terrible self-promoter.
You got that right! Where's the link to the books? :D
For now, the audio books are available through my website ( only. When the next novel is written and recorded, I'll look into releasing all four of them on Audible.
Keep us posted. My money is ready when you are ready for it :D
OK, just to help poor, marketing-challenged Aaron out a bit, here is the actual link to his website:

Scroll down to the bottom of that page to find the ordering info (yeah, it would be better if there was a button at the top to take you right to the ordering info, but there isn't so you'll have to scroll).

The ordering process is a bit complicated (you have to start the process by sending an email to [email protected]). But, remember, these books are worth it. Also, keep in mind that you have to pay by PayPal or credit card.

Finally, there is one big advantage: Aaron is selling the books directly, so if you want him to sign or dedicate a physical copy, you only have to ask :)